Sample Book Chapter

….“Are you ready for report?” It was a doctor. I turned to have a look, the perfectly cleaned glass easy to see through. I wondered how they managed to avoid the streaks and smudges. They must’ve had good cleaners. That and the absence of children with dirty fingers and sweaty palms an unspoken blessing. This doctor wasn’t Indian, rather very American-looking. He looked middle-aged with a goatee-peppered red with a bit of white. He had a wife; my eyes caught his gold wedding band glistening against his freckled hand. I only assumed he had two kids. Probably one boy and one girl. The perfect picture of the American dream come true.

            I reached for my purse from underneath my chair. I knew I should leave. But I waited a moment too long, hoping they’d shut the door. That’s what they usually did when family was around. They’d either ask us to kindly go to one of those dreaded holding cells or politely slide the perfect, see-through glass doors shut, blocking and avoiding any chances of eavesdropping.

            “Yes, I’m ready.” Graham’s nurse stood just outside the door, a notebook in her hands. She must have forgotten I’m here. Perhaps I was sitting too still. Could they really not see me? My eyes caught the curtain, the one designed to be pulled and yanked while Graham was being changed or worked on. It was tugged a different way today. A way that allowed me to see them, yet it was clear they couldn’t see me.

            I froze. Should I get up? Should I clear my throat to warn them someone was here? I wasn’t just anyone either, I was the wife. His wife.

            “How’s he doing today?” He glanced over Graham with piercing eyes, ones I would never forget. He started at the feet and worked them up quickly over Graham’s legs and upper body until finally resting on his head. His eyes held no hope for his patient, and I couldn’t help it, my mouth started to take in some water. I moved my own eyes to Graham. He was gray today, fighting a fever, and his breathing was scaring me.

            “He is breathing a bit better on his own, but it’s so fast.” She was whispering.  She did know I was here. For some reason, she chose to let me continue to listen on.

            “We need to make sure we’re not sugar-coating his condition to the family.” He was scribbling something down, most likely with his favorite pen.

            “This is a pretty severe brain injury. It’s throughout both frontal lobes and it’s not looking good for him.” He didn’t make eye contact with the nurse. He was too busy writing.

            “They do seem to be a very religious family.” The nurse added with her whispers again. This caused the doctor to look her square on. He clicked his pen shut and found it a home in the top left pocket of his jacket. It rode there like a spoiled Chihuahua in a flamboyant purse.

            “That’s good. What are they, Latter-Day Saints?”

            “I don’t think so.” She paused, her weight shifting from side to side, her notebook still clutched to her chest. “I think they’re Baptist or something like that.” It was a timid response. One unsure of his reaction.

            He looked up immediately. She had his full attention and there was a thick silence. Only the all too familiar beeping of machines met our ears. I was too afraid to breathe for fear of being found in this chair I was surely glued to by now. I couldn’t get up even if I tried.

            “Well, they’re going to need that in order to get through this.” He sighed and rolled his chair to the right, toward his next patient. He grabbed at his Chihuahua pen and spoke more words to the nurse that I couldn’t hear.

            My jaw ticked and pulsed from fighting back the roller coaster of emotions. But it was no use; my eyes pooled with tears that cascaded down much like the waterfalls do over rocky cliffs. I truly was drowning, taking on way too much water. I could feel my head slipping under the cover of wetness, my lungs about to burn out and breathe their first gulp of water. Things would soon grow dark, and I hoped it wouldn’t hurt for too long. I closed my eyes, the blackness shielding me from what lay on the other side. I was about to welcome it in, allow the dark shadows of doubt and pessimism to become my new best friend.

But there was something I couldn’t forget.  Something that made my eyes fight open, my head shake free of its prison.

There were so many praying for Graham—prayers for his healing and recovery. His name like a lollipop to their tongue, stuck and fixed there. Some were even praying for me that I’d have the strength to believe and continue on, that with His power I’d get through this somehow. Even just one prayer could not go unnoticed, but there were many. God had to be hearing them. And since He was hearing them, He had to be here. He had to be right by that bedside. Right next to Graham…

2 Responses to “Sample Book Chapter”

  1. Queen Riley September 7, 2013 at 7:58 pm #

    very interesting story

  2. Rebecca September 8, 2013 at 1:51 am #

    May God be glorified through our tribulations and struggles, and as He has promised to us “He leads us to still waters and refreshes our soul”. God is in control.

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