Our Royal Baby

7 Aug

We’re tucked in nice and tight this week, our property the set boundary, the driveway deserted and vacant. No plans, no agenda.

I’m finding I’m not getting much of anything done. My routine thrown off like it gets when you first have a baby—just trying to survive.

This is far from the likes of having one of those—no diapers, endless feedings, late nights.

Still, Graham wanted to name him and ‘George’ became the first on our lips like the 8.6lb/22in bundle of royal blood across the pond.  It was perfect.

No, there are no new puppies in our home.  No new foals, or chicks, or turtles. There are no kittens, or goats, or bunnies.

Just one big hernia that Graham brought home after a busy day at work trying to lift things he should’ve been lifting with a machine.

(Her-n-ia—injury to container of an internal organ)

So, off to surgery it was. Me with my Sudoku games and Graham with ‘George.’ Some anesthesia was involved as well as some gauze and scalpel blades, mesh and sutures. We could never leave out those cute nurses, the ones holding the instruments, the lights, the dressings.



The patient pulled through just fine. The visions I had of him dipping back into a coma did not occur—everyone assured me he’d be fine. And he was fine!  Too fine.  The beaten up man I pictured with droopy eyes and loss of head control talked my ear off the entire ride home. He wanted soup, and bread and soda. Going 24 hours without it proved too much for even someone like him whose stomach has no feeling.

And so, our life with ‘George’ continues on, except he’s back where he belongs now. I’m enjoying the slowness of life. I like that the dishes are staying in the sink a bit longer, the dog hair a bit thicker than normal on the floor.

We’re laughing and talking and enjoying the kids. I’m serving my husband while he heals. I’m listening more to the sounds of our life like this and capturing it all within my heart.  I’ll pull out all these special moments when he goes back to work—this time using the proper equipment to move whatever it is that he moves.

Here’s what the boys have been into lately and sneaking them into the house has been a highlight!


Graham is NOT one to just lie around doing nothing. Wyatt needed a new belt for school and he’s all set now!


One Response to “Our Royal Baby”

  1. Laureen Lawrence August 14, 2013 at 3:01 am #

    So thankful to hear all went well with the surgery…uggg…like you want MORE time in a hospital!

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