Update on us 11/28/12

28 Nov

It’s probably one of the most important pieces of Christmas traditions you pull from the attic.  As a kid it was this cardboard box, worn and about to cave in.  We’d open it and pull each piece out, careful to unwrap and not break anything.  There was a shepherd.  A wise man.  Mary was there with Joseph too.  Some sheep.  A donkey and cattle.  But the one I got most excited about was that porcelain manger and that little baby.  I loved to set baby Jesus carefully in that manger and while He never looked very comfortable there, I knew that was where He belonged.  I’d set and re-set all the other pieces, lining them up just right.  Each one had a purpose.  A reason to be there.  They couldn’t help it, they were drawn to that manger holding their Savior.

Several years ago when we started having children my mother bought our kids their own Nativity set.  A plastic one with every piece.  The boys can bang them and be as rough as they want; I know they can’t break them.  And just like me, they enjoyed setting and re-setting the scene.  The scene of the birth of Christ.

I pulled it out yesterday, excited to let them play and re-enact.  There they were, the camel.  The stable.  Even the manger.  But, there was no baby Jesus.  The angels clambered for their positions of praise, but the King was nowhere to be found.  It made me sad.  How could I pack this and not put the most important piece away?  How could I forget?

I searched the house.  Every toy container, every couch cushion.  Every corner.  No baby Jesus.   The boys played for a while with the set.  But, even they could tell it was not complete.  Something was missing.  They quickly grew tired of it and kept asking where that ‘small baby was.’  The one wrapped with cloth.

“Where are His arms Mom?”

Maybe I was being overly sensitive.  But I wanted to cry.  I couldn’t believe I could be so careless.  The meaning of my simple thoughtlessness struck me hard.  Right between the eyes.

While I pack and unpack lights and trees, bulbs and stars.  Angels and snowmen, signs and stockings.  I am reminded once again what Christmas is all about.  As adults we know the answers.  We know it’s about Him.  His birth.  His Divine intervention to save this world.  But, do we really remember ALL the time?  Like we should?  Aren’t we guilty of forgetting?  Forgetting about Him.  Forgetting to wrap Him carefully with the most precious of packing materials?

It’s when we forget Him, we lose sight of Him.  I knew He was in my house somewhere.  Probably under the stove, or the refrigerator.  But, I couldn’t see Him.  And all I wanted was to see Him again.

I had to give up looking.  But my heart prayed all day to find Him.

It was at the end of the day.  That time when I am most tired.  The kids the most fussy.  I was moving our small loveseat positioned alongside some stairs to get ready for our tree, when I spotted something.

There on the edge of the step lay the baby Jesus.  He must have fallen and wedged Himself behind the couch and stairs.  I never would have seen Him if I didn’t pull the couch away from the wall.

I yelled with excitement to the boys.  “He’s HERE!”

Running little feet with dirty hands picked him up carefully.  The set was finally whole. The Nativity scene as it should be.  And now it made sense.  Now it was complete!

And yes, He’s HERE!  Even when we forget.  Even when we’re careless.  He’s HERE!

Humor of the day:

My middle child.  My second boy.  The one most full of personality, helped himself to the bathroom in Wal-mart the other day.  The only problem?  It was right in the middle of the aisle with all the toys.  And no…there was no pull-up on him.  No diaper.

Miracle of the day:

Graham is doing awesome!  He is one determined guy.  Botox will most likely be a life-long thing for him seeing his arm completely cramps up in about 3 months after an injection.  The cramping is very painful for him, but he refuses to complain.  His attitude is unbelievable.  His love for His Lord and Savior is tried and has come out true.

We truly are happy in our ‘new-normal.’  We’ve been laughing lots at these kids, but mostly ourselves, which has been really good for us.  He continues to get back more of his personality.  He was always really funny before.  He could always make me laugh with his quick wit and remarks.  I am thankful I am experiencing that once again with him!

I am crazy about these two!!

Graham’s family came for Thanksgiving!  I am SO thankful for this godly couple in my life.  They truly are family to me!

Mimi, Pawpa, the kids, and Uncle Tommy!!  We had such a great week!

Thanks for the prayers, love and continued support!  You all mean so much to us!





5 Responses to “Update on us 11/28/12”

  1. Kimber Dixon November 28, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    What a lovely piece of writing. I’ve followed your story since Graham was injured and I’m so thankful that you are to this place in your life now….with wonderful stories to share and good reports on his health. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your struggles. I’m so glad that you have a victory to tell of. God bless and have a blessed Christmas.

  2. Paul Canady November 28, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    Powerful reminder, thank you and may you have a wonderful celebration of our Savior’s birth!

  3. Cindy Baker November 28, 2012 at 7:29 pm #

    Randi, you wrote this beautifully and it is a great reminder on how I need to always know that the Lord is with me even though I don’t see Him but I can be excited about “seeing Him” through His Word, the lives of others and His beautiful creation. I am enjoying getting to know and spend time with you, Graham and you little family every Sunday. It is a joy to see you all each week. Also, your second child I think will be following in Mommy & Daddy’s musical footsteps…I love watching him move to the music. Love you guys and continue to pray for you as well. Cindy

  4. Jenny Haneman November 28, 2012 at 10:35 pm #

    Wow Randi!! Thank you for this incredible reminder about the Truth of what Christmas is all about! I love you and your family!!

  5. L Lawrence December 2, 2012 at 1:24 am #

    Thank you so much. I LOVE this story…oh, if we would only seek Jesus like this daily. Merry Christmas to you all….lovingly-the Lawrences

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