Update on us 10/28/12

28 Oct

With or without this brain injury we’re in a busy boat of life right now.  The resulting affects of Graham’s limitations are only a small part of the craziness that’s happening in this home!

It’s really the children.  The offspring.  The brood.  Litter.  Whatever you want to call them.  They’re the consuming ones, draining and stretching us as we train and train. And train some more.

I am thankful I have a partner in this.  Someone there faithfully every day supporting me, helping me and enforcing those things I’ve tried all day to instill.  It gets even better when I remember Jesus is here too during my sometimes very long days.

Still, it gets the better of me at times!  My attitude, the words that pour from my mouth are embarrassing to admit.  I used to think I was a patient person.  The kind that never get frazzled.  Or annoyed.  Or mad.

But sadly, sometimes I am all of those things at once!

It’s in these times I have to remember how faithful the Lord has been to me.  How I have a decision to make each and everyday to enjoy this ‘mom thing,’ to realize how short a season it truly is.  And remember also to laugh at these kids, Graham and myself as much as possible.

So, while I deal with attitudes and lying and diapers and the residual side-effects of a brain injury in our home, my heart smiles at the opportunity, the blessing it all really is!

Graham is doing well.  Really, truly well.  He still has issues.  He still struggles and hurts and gets tired most of the time.  And we still have things to work through together; decisions to make with doors staring us down as we pray for them to either open or quietly shut.

But, his attitude is unmatched, the love for his Savior tried and true, his wisdom and discernment unbelievable.

Graham and I know we will not be placed high on a shelf, collecting dust.  We are choosing to continue to trust in His ultimate plan.  Whatever that is.  And in the meantime I would ask for your patience as I continue to work on a book I’m writing about life and horses and Graham’s injury.  I promise it will be worth the wait.  It’s been another reason why I haven’t blogged as much.  My free time is spent working on it.  And I will be excited for the day when it is finally finished.  That day, my friends, is coming soon!

Miracle of the day:

Here is a video of Graham on the drums.  When he first came home he could barely hold the left stick, let alone play anything.  And while he’s not what he used to be….he’s learning and not all that bad.

Humor of the day:

Go ahead, you can laugh.  We are!  Believe it or not, this purchase has nothing to do the fact that we’ve had a brain injury in our home.  This girl is just too busy, trying to stand and walk and climb stairs.  My hard floors are causing many tears and bruises.  And I can only keep her penned for so long.  She’s a girl on the move!

This will definitely not be a picture she will thank me one day for taking!

2 Responses to “Update on us 10/28/12”

  1. Bob Bulmer October 29, 2012 at 6:06 am #

    You are all doing just great……….though not perfect. but the again, you don’t spend time at our ‘perfect’ houses.

    Looking forward to that book. God Bless You all.

  2. Stephen Bradley November 16, 2012 at 12:45 am #

    Hi Graham, Randi, and family! We love you guys!

    Stephen and Janie Bradley
    Waco TX

    P.S. – I like that Texas belt buckle!

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