Update on us 1/25/12

25 Jan

I came across these pictures the other day and thought I’d share them with you all.  A lady who had been at the rodeo the night Graham was hurt snapped these from a distance and although they are a bit fuzzy, you can see some of what happened the night he was hurt.  She sent them to me a while ago and I have to admit they were hard for me at first to look at.

What you need to notice about this first one is that the horse, which is facing to the right of the screen, was actually running the other way when he fell.  I still can’t believe how fast and hard Graham and Crockett fell.  So hard that it flipped Crockett completely in the opposite direction.  Graham is on the other side of him, and I am there too kneeling by Graham, you just can’t see me because of the horse.  Crazy huh!??!



I am always reminded when I look through these pictures and many of the others I have of Graham when it was bad, was that I truly never was alone.  Not just physically, which was filled with family and friends constantly looking out for me, but more importantly, the Lord NEVER for one moment left my side.  I had never experienced His presence like that before in my life.  There is no way to explain it.

Graham and I were up talking one night recently and we’ll usually ask each other what we can pray for throughout the week.  One of Graham’s most personal requests that he says now to me most often is that he really wants to know not so much “why Lord?” anymore, but more “what now Lord?”  He is really struggling with this in his life.

There’s no mistake that much of what Graham “used for the Lord” before as far as gifts and talents have been taken from him.  All that Graham prided himself in and his ‘work’ for Christ has shifted, changed and is now completely different.  Don’t think less of him.  Don’t we all want to ‘feel’ like we’re doing something great for the Lord even though in our hearts we know we are saved by grace through faith?  I know I am guilty of feeling like the Lord needs me and couldn’t do this without me.  We all like to feel needed and useful, even to the Lord.

I tried to encourage Graham with what the Lord was laying on my heart at the time.  He was hurt and hurt badly.  From the time his head hit that arena floor, Graham was taken completely out of the equation as far as his ability to do anything for himself and his own power to live and survive.  From the beginning it was the Lord who healed Graham the way He did, not that Graham was a hard worker or stubborn.  It was the Lord who gave me the faith I needed to get through each horrible minute and the perseverance to continue on each day.  I reminded him that it’s still the Lord getting us through this day by day.  Giving us exactly what we need.  His provision and love for us has blown us away!  Graham is very much in a place in his life where he needs to ‘be still and know that I am God.’  He is learning to be still, and I am learning how to better help Graham through this.

Miracle of the day:

It’s been SO icy here in the Adirondacks!  We have not gotten much snow, which is not normal, and with the warmer days and cold nights combined with rain it has turned many yards and roads to ice-skating rinks.  Graham was sanding a driveway yesterday for work and while throwing a shovel full of sand, he fell.  He didn’t just fall and catch himself…..he of course fell and hit his head on a rock!  I know right!?!?  Just what I want to hear!  He was fine, but as you can imagine, it scared me a bit.  It wouldn’t take much to jumble things up in there again:0)…..He ‘forgot’ to tell me about the incident but once I asked him he remembered and smiled claiming that he was afraid to tell me.  I watched him carefully last night to make sure he was acting normally for him now and he truly was fine.  I am just thankful it wasn’t worse!  No bumps, bruises or crazy brain shearing!

Humor of the day:

With all the politics going on in the news and campaigning, Graham cannot believe that President Obama is President.  Because of when he was hurt and all that, he doesn’t remember the ’08 race and Obama winning.  Just about every time President Obama comes on TV, Graham asks  “When did he become President?”  He still sometimes thinks Bush is President and it’s funny to tease him.  He’ll probably just get down that Obama is President and it will change again!

Graham still can’t feel when he’s hungry…but he is starting to feel when he’s full, which I guess is a good start.  The funny thing is that he’s somehow gaining weight and he doesn’t like it.  He weighs himself more than I do! (I am staying clear of that thing for the time being)  It seriously won’t be long now and we’ll weigh the same:0)

Thanks for praying for us!!


2 Responses to “Update on us 1/25/12”

  1. Megan Abbott January 25, 2012 at 7:45 pm #

    Wow, these pictures brought tears to my eyes. God is so good! We are praying always! Miss you!

  2. Dona Yeskoo January 30, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    Hi, Randi — since Nathan Shoultz’s illness, I have been more reminded not to forget to pray for you guys, either! I’m thinking that both of these ongoing recoveries may be the same in one way (as in serious), but different perhaps in some of the details and what each of them (Graham and Nathan) now must work on from day-to-day — things that just came without thought before their accident/illness. And you bring up some interesting thoughts that I have had before, too, from time to time — looking at someone really naturally talented and wondering, “Is that the Lord working through them, or is that them all by their naturally-talented selves??” I think it’s hard to tell sometimes!! However, that is between each of us and the Lord, whether it be Graham or Nathan or anybody! Interesting! I know what you mean about the ice — I’d rather have a good, old Adirondack snowstorm any day!! Now that I’m getting closer to 60 (in 2-1/2 years), I’m trying to be very careful not to fall down, and we all have our own reasons for not falling down, don’t we? Ha! I’m very thankful that Graham did not hurt himself when he fell!! I wish you all a peaceful, fun day with your family! Love, your “old” babysitter, Dona Yeskoo

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