Update on us 10/20/11

20 Oct

You wouldn’t even know Graham was so seriously hurt a little over a year ago.  No really, you wouldn’t; especially if you didn’t truly know him before.  He’s good at hiding the few differences that he has now, even from me.  I think in part I have become familiar with all the new things about him and have “blocked out” some of the old life of Graham.  Not in a “I’m not dealing” kind of a way, just a “I’m ready to live life and move on from what we can.”  I love THIS guy that is here with me now…..the old one isn’t coming back so there’s no point in wishing for him to walk through the door.

It’s amazing what the Lord can heal, but it’s true what they say, the scars remain, it just doesn’t hurt as much anymore.

Our life now is probably much the same as many of you reading this or those of you older and past the “boat of kids” we’re in.  We are truly blessed and try to laugh at the silly things that you just can’t help when you have children.  Dinners are not a quiet time where we can talk, but rather focused on manners, eating all the food on the plate and sometimes discipline mixed in there as well.  Play time, clean up time and bath time somehow all get rolled into the evening and I am SO blessed to be doing it beside my favorite man…..G-dog (as for some crazy reason I’ve been calling him lately!) Don’t ask me why, I just think it’s funny.

G-dog has really stepped completely back into his role as father and I’ve loved seeing it re-shape and re-mold itself into something even more special.  He loves those boys and I know a HUGE reason the Lord healed him was for them.  Who better to show them how to become men of God than their dad!?!? (Everything makes me cry now….commercials, songs, pictures, the kids……puppies….and it’s making me tear up just thinking about how much the Lord loves us!)  I remain truly humbled by it all.

Scatter-brained doesn’t even begin to describe me when I’m pregnant, so I apologize if I’m all over the board here.  I really do morph into a different person and not just physically.  My memories and thought patterns are oftentimes more mixed up than Graham’s!!

Graham continues the endless path of physical therapy and light therapy.  He’s been busy at work, which has been good for him.  He’s been working on things, planning for things and initiating so much more.  He takes relationships much more seriously now and I’m surprised when he tells me he’s called and talked to his dad or brothers for no reason at all.  Before the accident, he hardly called them!  It’s hitting him how close he came to losing all of that and each day has become precious to him.

Miracle of the day:

Graham took Wyatt (our eldest, almost 4) out “hunting” for the first time.  I thought they’d be gone maybe 30 minutes because they weren’t really hunting, but rather, just looking for “sign.”  They were out for hours….so long I thought maybe they got lost.  Wyatt took his nerf gun, so I knew they’d be safe from the wild beasts, but still, my mind easily plays tricks on me now:0)  They of course weren’t lost.  When they got back it was so neat talking with them and listening to all the fun they had in the woods together.  I stood there thinking how great it was that Wyatt’s dad could take him out in the woods and teach him about nature.  Thank you Jesus!!

Believe it or not we’re still battling out bills with our insurance company due to Graham’s accident and there was a rather big one they were refusing to pay.  We have been blessed from the beginning to have health insurance the entire time Graham was injured.  It’s a long story, but after countless hours on the phone with two different companies…sometimes at the same time….one of them accepted the responsibility and it’s going to get paid!  This is just another reminder to me that God cares about the “little” things in our lives…..money really is one of those little things so many fret and worry too much about.

Humor of the day:

Pool therapy has been going well for Graham!  One night we decided to pack the whole family and go for a swim together.  The boys were beyond excited and loved the kiddie pool they have there.  The water was too cold for me (I’m kind of wimpy when it comes to that….) but Graham swam in the big pool while I watched the boys and dipped my feet in.  While ‘daddy’ swam, the boys kept pointing at him and yelling…  “Mommy….WHALE!!!….there’s a whale in there!”

The funny thing is that Graham really did look like a whale…..I think whales are actually more graceful than him though!!  Splashing this way and that there was nothing smooth about him swimming in the water.  His poor left arm just can’t move with the other parts of his body causing quite a sorry sight…..a sorry “whale” sight!!

I tried to tell the boys that it was in fact their father in there and not a whale but there was no convincing them.  I even started agreeing with them while laughing at poor Graham while trying to swim laps and tread water :0)



6 Responses to “Update on us 10/20/11”

  1. Theresa Board October 20, 2011 at 5:19 pm #

    It is so great to hear how God continues to lead and bless your family!

  2. Codie October 20, 2011 at 8:04 pm #

    So very much love your updates still 🙂 Encouraging to hear how God continues to work out small things in your everyday lives, and how He loves to bless us with His gifts if we just let Him. Hope that your men continue to find deer “sign” since that is a very important thing! (LOL)

  3. sharon October 20, 2011 at 9:50 pm #

    Praising the Lord with you as you all continue to heal! Sharon Faulkner

  4. Dara October 20, 2011 at 11:00 pm #

    So good to read your updates & smile! 🙂

  5. Lisa October 26, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

    Still thinking of you from Michigan! God is good, isn’t He? And always faithful. Thanks for the update.

  6. Rachel Travis October 31, 2011 at 12:04 am #

    I love reading your posts, Randi! Praise the Lord that He cares for us, in big AND small ways.

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