Update on us 9/1/11

1 Sep

It remains to amaze me how the Lord continues to meet Grahams’ needs in a whole new way.  What I am about to share I don’t want to come out wrong or in a way that sounds that Graham has it all together spiritually, because do any of us really have it all together in any way?  But, before Graham’s accident he really enjoyed studying the Bible and not just reading it, but digging deeper into commentaries and theology books.  It was just what he liked to do.  He grew up watching his father study and read, but didn’t really show desire in it himself until much later in life.  I am not like this in any way.  I’m lucky to get my Bible study done every so often :0)

He’d either stay up late or get up early to do this and it always amazed me at his faithfulness in this area.  Well, since everything in our lives has basically changed, this has as well.  He no longer has the energy to study anything let alone his Bible and staying up late is just impossible at this point.  It was frustrating to him.  It still is frustrating to him.  He would often ask me “Why would the Lord take THAT away from me?”  “Hasn’t he taken enough away?”  My heart would ache for him and still does in so many areas that are just different now.

Well, the Lord still cares for Graham and his desire to “dig deeper.”  He answered his need by making his little flip phone die that he has had for some time.  It was replaced by this phone I have never seen the likes of before.  You must all remember we are quite country up here in the sticks and well, technology sometimes is lost to us “country folk.”  I’m sure most of you will know what phone it is….it’s called a “Droid” and this thing is unbelievable.

I found out quickly this phone can do just about anything, including read you the Bible.  “There’s an app for that”…..as they say.  This has been so great for Graham!  This guy reads to him and he can listen at work, at home, in the barn, mowing the lawn etc etc.  I’m also quite proud of myself for figuring out how to get itunes music and podcasts onto a phone that isn’t an iphone.  He’s got everything he needs as far as his music and sermons that he always loved listening to before.

The only sad thing is suddenly my little “out-of-date” flip phone is not quite as cool anymore:0(

What I’m finding is astronomical in my thinking and growth through this whole thing.  The Lord does give and he does take away.  I have experienced a great deal of the “taking away” in the form of my husband struggling, not being the same, and hurting.  What I can say though, is that the “giving” is so much better and more than I could imagine.  It’s always just what we need as his children.  I’m finding too, it’s oftentimes way outside the box of my little finite mind.  It goes to show how small of a box I find myself cramped into most days.  It’s refreshing knowing the Lord has a plan and that His purpose is perfect.  I never would have thought a silly little phone was His answer to solving Graham’s need, but it was and I continue to be thankful!

Miracle of the day:

Other than just everything I’ve shared being a miracle, it was a HUGE miracle that Graham was able to celebrate “baby Keith’s” 2nd birthday this year.  Last year was quite tough with a big dark cloud hanging over the birthday party.  We were all wondering if Graham would be able to attend any more parties period.  We were all blessed to have Graham there with family.  “Baby Keith” is not so much a baby as you can all see!






I also have some exciting news to share regarding Graham’s eyes, but he has an appointment Tuesday and I want to wait to share…..the Lord continues to work!

Humor of the day:

I have found out a little trick to getting Graham in bed early.  Even though he’s exhausted, tired and ready for bed around 8pm; he fights it like no one I’ve seen.  He’s worse than the kids!  He still really needs his sleep, but doesn’t think he does and well, the stubborn wills come out in both of us.  I have played this trick on him for a few nights, but I think he’s catching on.  It goes something like this……

Me:  “Babe, I’m really tired tonight, I think I’m going to get ready for bed.”

Graham: “Okay, well, if you’re going I’ll come too.”

(I’m smiling all proud of myself and while I’m washing my face, brushing and flossing my teeth, I can hear his heavy breathing!)  Mission accomplished!!  Sometimes I’ll sneak back out and get some house-work done or read.

But….like I said I think he’s catching on….last night was trickier and I ended up falling asleep before he came to bed.  What?!?!  Those little children must be running me ragged!  I guess I’m going to have to up my game!

The following picture was taken by my mother……she claimed that she wanted a picture of Graham’s new “phone pouch” that he made…I’m not so sure:0)  Graham did make this, but I’m to tell you all that he’s going to be re-doing it; making a flap to cover the top of it and snap down…..it’s a good little side job for him right now:0)  The plastic pouch the phone came in was broken in a day!  This is much more “fitting”  for Graham!


Thanks for continuing to follow our story and be so supportive.  It means so much!

Keep praying!



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