Update on us 8/1/11

1 Aug

As I shared in my last post Graham was taking me out for a surprise date!  I was to be ready by 4pm and so once I was ready, off we went, me completely in the dark as to what the night was going to hold.  We ended up in Lake George on a big boat  called the “Adirondac” having dinner!  It was really fun and quite relaxing.

Graham was really cute.  He kind of got lost getting there, and was SO tired the whole evening he just kept yawning and yawning.  I was beginning to wonder if I was being a boring date.   You know the kind…. “get this over with…NOW!”  But, I know better.  He was doomed from the beginning….the boat was quiet, rocking back and forth, and lots of food would put just about anyone to sleep.  We’ve had such a busy summer and I know he hasn’t been getting the sleep he needs.  Not sure what to do about it yet.  I realize the obvious answer to this is go to bed early, but it’s not that easy with Graham Stump.  I ended up driving home and had to stop and get him some caffeine for the ride:0)  It meant so much to me that Graham would take me out because I know how hard that was for him to do.  Line up, make phone calls, drive, etc.  Even those things that would be so easy for you or I are extremely hard for Graham and just plain wear him out.  Add two little kids into the mix that he had to watch all day while I grocery shopped and well,….you get the picture.

I was looking for something in my hope chest today, and came across all the notes/cards from so many of you around the time of the accident and this past year.  Smelling of cedar I grabbed them and began reading through some of them. WOW!  So interesting to go back through some of those and STILL be encouraged by your words.  THANK YOU!

We have Graham’s parents coming in for a week-long visit.  Some of you will remember, they were here this time last year, but for a much more solemn and terrifying time.  I’m excited to get to hang out and visit…WITH Graham this time!  I’ve been baking and cleaning and realizing that I need to clean more, all while trying to keep up with the boys.  My sweet sister actually took them for an hour today so I could get things done.  It’s actually nice having company: It forces you to clean well!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  We have been lazy this summer with therapy and it has taken its toll.  Who wants to pick up pennies with your fingers that don’t work well when you could be out playing and swimming in the yard?  HA!  His left arm actually looks smaller to me again, a side effect of just not using it much.  He was doing well on the Bowflex, but like I said, we’ve been lazy!  Graham is aware of this and once his family leaves we will both be cracking down!!!  Baking for company means lots of spoons being licked and extra treats for us all:0)

Miracle of the day:

Well, date night was a miracle all in itself!  One year from being told your hubby is going to be a veggie the rest of his life, to going out and spending quality time with him, connecting with him, crying with him and looking back at all the Lord has done this past year is more than amazing my friends!

Humor of the day:

I got a bit “sea-sick” on the boat.  Yup.  I was facing backwards eating, (not a good idea) watching the beautiful water and scenery, when I just didn’t feel right.  I had trouble chewing and started to wonder what I would actually do if I DID hurl!!!  Where would I run? How close was the bathroom?  Would I have to run to the rail like in the movies?  Fortunately for me in this case, mind over matter won out!  I switched seats, faced forward, and was fine in a few minutes!  PHEW!!!  That would have put an interesting spin on “date-night!”

4 Responses to “Update on us 8/1/11”

  1. Bob Bulmer August 1, 2011 at 9:02 pm #


  2. Lisa August 1, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    Sweet post…this one and the last one….great testimony of God’s never failing love and the way He chooses to make it known. Every time I see Graham, I am reminded how big God is…every time I hear Graham lead a prayer, I am reminded how much he loves God…every time I read one of your posts I am reminded how fragile life is and seeing you give give glory to God is an inspiring reminder that “through Christ all things are possible”.

  3. Tammi T. August 2, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

    I know we have never met but I have been faithfully reading your blog for almost a year. At the time of the accident, my niece – Brittney Hanshew – was attending WOLBI and she had requested prayer for Graham. Being a WOLBI and SYME graduate myself, plus a sister in Christ, gave me an immediate “sense” of connection. My family has been faithfully praying for you, Graham and your family ever since. My 9 year old mentions Graham in his prayers nightly.

    Thanks for sharing such a personal reminder of God’s faithfulness. I know how hard it must have been for you to take those pictures a year ago ( I have a son that was born with a Congenital Heart Defect who underwent his first surgery at one week old – I couldn’t have done it). I’m so thankful that we were able to have a visual of the “then” vs “now” to see God’s goodness and grace. We continue to pray for you all. May God continue to bless.

  4. Dara August 5, 2011 at 11:59 pm #

    wow… so special. 🙂 Even more so considering how much extra effort Graham put into planning it!!

    I had to smile at your humor of the day… I can totally relate to having the various scenarios of how to deal with awkward situations (IE, puking on a romantic date) running through my head. “like in the movies” is a classic phrase for issues like such. haha

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