Update on us 7/11/11

11 Jul

WOW, where to even start!?!?  I promise we’re still alive here in the Stump home, just very busy as I’m sure everyone is this time of year!  So much sun, water, sand, food, fun and family!!  The days seem to be running right into each other and I LOVE it.

Graham is doing very well keeping up with all the festivities and there have been many.  There are times he just needs to crash and sleep, but for the most part he’s keeping up quite nicely.  He’s been helping me more with the boys and little things around the house like loading and unloading the dishwasher.  It’s been SO nice.

I have a pretty amazing update to give on him and I’m actually not sure I’ll be able to fit it all in one post; but, I’ll give it the ‘ol college try.

First, Graham was able to share our story at the first Word of Life Ranch rodeo a couple of weeks ago!  He was unable to bring his horse, Crockett, down due to horse sickness at the ranch, so he had to ride in on another horse.  While holding a microphone, his bible and the reins he tried to share what the Lord has been doing through all of this.  Considering everything Graham has been through, he did a great job.  He struggled a bit when the horse wouldn’t stand for him and he lost his train of thought when this happened.  He’s used to his horse standing like a statue for him, so this threw him for a loop.  It doesn’t matter because I know people were just encouraged to see him and on top of a horse at that!  I did videotape him, and I know some of you want to see it but, he’s going to be doing it two more times, so I just might wait and see.  He’ll be speaking on the anniversary of the accident, which the actual date is the 30th, but the 29th will be the night it would have happened.  That’s the one I’ll try to get up for you all!  He’s also doing it the following Friday as well, I think the 6th?

Secondly, Graham had some Doctor’s appointments I want to fill you in on.  The first was the Botox doctor.  Long story short, he can’t believe how well his left hand is doing with moving and flexibility etc.  He injected him again and will see him in 3 months for more.  His left arm still has quite a ways to go compared to his right arm/hand, but all in all, it’s doing well, and most people wouldn’t even notice there’s anything wrong.  What’s frustrating for him is that it works just bad enough to bother him and really give him a hard time working, getting dressed and everyday activities.  He told me the other day he feels like he just argues with everything all day long.  He argues with doorknobs, screws, nuts and bolts, walking, talking, and just working to provide for his family.  When he said this to me, it really clicked how frustrating it must be for him each and every day and now I understand why he along with most other brain victims are more short-fused and impatient.  Pray for him with this!  I can’t imagine!

Miracle of the day:

Thirdly, while swimming in a pool the other day he went under the water and opened his eyes to see where he was going.  Something really strange happened!  He saw single!  Blurry, but single! He popped out of the water and told me about it.  At his eye appointment he also relayed this information to the doctor who was fascinated with this.  The doctor had just gotten back from a conference where they’re beginning to imitate what water looks like to help correct vision problems.  Weird, I know!  He now has these lenses he has to put on some light-colored sunglasses and wear them 45 min a day.  When on they look like you are looking under water.  They are not a fix all by any means, but a form of therapy.  Hopefully, with these on, his brain will begin to realize that it can in fact work to see single on it’s own!

Humor of the day:

Your brain controls everything, as I’ve learned first-hand as of late, including your body temperature.  I was beginning to get accustomed to his cooler self, until WHAM, over night something changed and now he’s hot all the time.  The air conditioner has been on every night now for weeks and even though I understand it IS hot, usually just a fan in the window will cool the room down.  NOPE!  Cannot do.  While I’m shivering in bed trying to get warm, he’s hot.  Why don’t I cuddle to get warm you might ask?  He’s usually too sweaty, so no thanks!  I’m not complaining, I just wish you could hear our nighttime conversations concerning the air and temperature of the room!  We just laugh at each other!

I know I usually close here, but I just need to say that the Lord is STILL teaching me so much and what’s even more amazing is that the things I’ve learned so far are being practiced and I’m beginning to see more of what the Lord truly has for my life.  It’s so simple really!  Never would I have thought that I could be truly happy in my circumstances when I get lonely, or my husband is confused, too tired to talk, or getting his days all mixed up, BUT I can and I do!  So many times before I allowed my circumstances to predict my day, my attitude.  I’m trying so hard to not let this happen, but rather to see the good in everything, even the hard and sad things and He is delivering me!  I also never thought I would have thanked the Lord as much as I have for allowing this whole thing to happen, but amazingly, I am!  Only by His grace and love for me can I even write these words.

It’s never been about me, or Graham or this whole accident.  It’s always been about Him and it will always remain this way for His glory alone!

After spending some time looking at picture after picture of what I would imagine God’s glory to look like, this picture just kept coming to my mind!  This truly is a picture of God’s glory!

7 Responses to “Update on us 7/11/11”

  1. Codie July 11, 2011 at 8:24 pm #

    A picture is worth a thousand words!!!!

  2. Courtney Spear July 11, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

    Randi- God is so good! After reading your post, I wanted to share with you a book I’m reading. I believe you would LOVE it, and it just seems fitting with your journey!!! It’s called “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. I highly recommend it! I love your family and you will continue to be in my prayers!

  3. dan denno July 11, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

    im so happy for you graham the lord is with you and your family may god keep blessing you all, dan

  4. sharon faulkner July 11, 2011 at 11:38 pm #

    🙂 once again…. thanks for the encouragement. You are in my thoughts and prayers often. We to are thankful for Botox. Sharon

  5. Stephanie Bauer July 12, 2011 at 1:30 pm #

    thank you LIn for forwarding this update on Graham. WOW! how amazing. Yes, it has been a privilege to pray for Graham and his sweet, persevering family. Kudos to all of them! You have all kept your eyes on Jesus throughout….your shining hope & glory. More blessings and healing to you and yours.
    In Christ,
    Stephanie Bauer
    Indian Trail, NC

  6. Dara July 13, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    it was so amazing to see Graham up on whatever-horse-that-was (yeah, I’m still not good with names). First of all, handling a mic, a horse AND reading a Bible is something I have never attempted and highly doubt that I could pull off. so I was super impressed at that feat. and I (I know I’m not the only one) got choked up just thinking of what this past year has brought.

    Randi, I’m still learning so much from you, and your attitude, wow! thank you for posting and keeping us updated, and as always for being honest. 🙂

    hope to see you soon!

  7. Amy Bush July 14, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    So great to hear all that God is continuing to do to uphold you and use your story to bless others. Continuing to pray for Graham’s improving status. And if you ever wanted to buy the book One Thousand Gifts as mentioned in one of the other comments, we carry it at the Inn bookstore. Praying for you too as you stay faithful to the call that God has on your life. Love you all. Amy

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