Update on us 6/27/11

27 Jun

It never truly feels like summer can start for our entire family until my brother, Matt, and his family get here.  Matt is married to Graham’s sister, Abby (brother and sister married brother and sister….and yes, we checked it out, it’s legal:0)

I’ve really been looking forward to this time, mostly for Graham, because Matt and him are really close friends.  I think having family around is one of the best things for Graham right now.  I know he’ll be able to open up to Matt about stuff that he just can’t with anyone else and with that I know some more healing will begin to take place.

It sure is busy with all the kids, but so fun too!  We know the time is going to fly by yet we’re determined to make some better memories this summer:0) Last summer started out great, it just ended a bit bumpy with Graham getting hurt.  The night he was hurt most of our family was there, which was not routine.  Matt, Abby, Bonnie, Dan and ALL the kids were there to witness the accident.  What started out as a really fun night turned into a nightmare.  We actually laugh about it now and how the kids were all screaming and just scared for “Uncle Graham”.  Funny a little, yes, but I know we’re all just praying for nothing serious to happen this summer and for us to just enjoy each and every moment together.

I’ve had some people ask me some questions that I’d like to take the time to answer only because I feel it’s fair:

How is Graham able to drive if he’s seeing double?

I know right?!?!  It scared me too when the Doctor gave the okay for him to drive.  In fact, when he first started driving, I clung onto the side door so hard my knuckles turned white.  I tried to hide my fear, but Graham noticed and we had to have a little talk about how he’s okay to do it and so far he’s never gotten in an accident (even before the TBI).  He does see two of everything, but his brain has “trained” his eyes to be able to tell which object is the real one and which one is fake.  I actually don’t think about it anymore (for the most part:0)…once in a while I am guilty of “hen pecking” him while he drives:0)

Most times at night I’ll drive now because it’s just too hard with him being tired and seeing.  Overall though, he’s doing great with it and feels more independent that he can do it on his own!  It’s a HUGE thing that he is able to do this and we are thankful!  I’m NOT crazy about driving all the time and Graham loves it, so it’s nice for me!

Are you writing a book?  How’s it coming? Etc

I’ll be honest; I don’t really like talking about this and rarely talk to anyone about it in person unless they ask me.  What I can tell you about it is that I am writing one.  I am getting professional help with it, but am still in the first phase of writing.  I am learning so much and am just working on getting everything that is inside of me out!  I have only let a few of my own family members read it so far and actually am not letting them read any more because so much has been changed and edited that I just want the finished product to be seen/read.  I am simply looking to pass something on to my children, but just as important, something for that person without Christ (and of course for anyone else who wants to read it:0)  The only reason I was and still am able to get through some of my days is because of what Jesus did for me.  Can’t all of us with Christ say that????  I don’t know how some of the other families I saw in the ICU were “doing it.”  I just don’t know how it’s possible.  I guess that’s why depression, suicide, bitterness and anger are so common.  I am not going to be steadily working on it this summer, but will be picking back up at the end to hopefully get it done.  All I can say about it is that it’s most likely NOT going to be what people expect.  So, we’ll see.  I know without a doubt the Lord will use it for His honor and glory…..that’s truly all I want for it.

Miracle of the day:

After much thought, discussion and homework…..we bought a Bowflex for Graham to use to help strengthen his upper body (esp his left arm).  The thing came in this huge box and in a million pieces.  I had read in the reviews that it took other people about 2 hours to put together.  I wondered as I read this, how long it would take Graham.  I thought it would take 3-3 1/2hrs.  Well, it took him 2 hours to put together…..pretty cool!  He’s on this thing every night and just really likes it.  He even has a little work out routine written out and taped onto it…..its’ kinda cute:0)

Humor of the day:

Update on baby goats…..maybe instead of Update on us?  Well….the baby goats are perfect….however, my pitbull mix, Roxie? Not so perfect.  I had them staked out in the yard eating happily one morning this past week when I heard them baaing a bit differently than they normally do….a bit stressed…..frantic.  Sure enough, Roxie was going for one.  Surprisingly, the goat was fine and Roxie was actually the one hurt…..she got a horn jabbed near the eye…..she’s okay, but we decided that it just wasn’t going to work out with a pitbull.  I LOVE pitbulls, and will actually own another one someday, they are GREAT family dogs…. but they are AWFUL with other critters…..kittens, cats, bunnies, squirrels, birds…….baby goats.  Oh well!  What can you do right!?!?  We tried, and got a good laugh out of it.  The baby goats are happily being loved on at the Word of Life Ranch petting zoo!  Wyatt keeps asking about them and we’re just hoping he soon forgets.

Thanks for praying for us!


One Response to “Update on us 6/27/11”

  1. Nate Martin June 27, 2011 at 2:05 am #

    so cool that you’re writing a book! Best of luck to you. when you get it done, I’m gonna want a personalized, signed copy 😉 Still praying for you guys. I keep telling my wife I would be honored to be able to introduce her to you guys!!!!! Thanks for representing Christ well through all of this!

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