Update on us 5/29/11

30 May

It’s hard to believe just weeks ago we were shoveling snow and dealing with wintery climates.  The winters here tend to drag on a little longer than we all hope so we always welcome the change of seasons; change sure has come to the Adirondacks!  Everything is so lush and beautiful.

The warmer weather brings all sorts of new ideas, chores, and also lots of time for fun!  Fun for Graham and I was ALWAYS riding and working our horses, and although Graham has been a bit too tired for it, I’ve been riding at every opportunity I can find.  I’ve had to get creative with two little kids, but it’s like they always say: “you find time for what’s important to you!”  Other things such as house-work and my “other chores” have had to take a back seat, but it’s been well worth it!  (just don’t come over to my house:0)

The morning of Graham’s accident, I loaded the trailer with two of our horses and headed to the ranch.  The vet was coming that morning, and I needed to get some basic blood tests done on mine so I could take them camping.  For you horse people out there, it was those popular and always required Coggins tests.  Our plan was to leave the two horses there for the day and take them home after the rodeo that night. But of course, you all know this part of the story by now; the horses never made it home.  Graham’s horse, Crocket stayed until the end of the camping season at the ranch and was returned home.  With everything on my plate at the time, I just didn’t feel I could handle having another horse up at our place (we had others up there besides just the two), so I left my personal horse, “Cash”, there.   He was in good hands, but I of course missed him.

Cash is a very special horse to me for many reasons, but the biggest one is because he was a gift from Graham to me.  A good friend needed work done on a horse and for payment she gave him this horse.  On top of working a full time job, helping me with my own job, raising two kids and continual chores around the house, Graham worked hard to get me this horse.

For the first time in about 9 months Cash was returned to me!  It’s been so great to see him out in the corral and even greater to ride him.  I started him last spring, but things came to a quick halt with the accident.  He’s still coming along quite nicely and I have missed that big man of mine!  It’s a great feeling!

I wanted to post some pictures for you to see what I LOVE to do.  It seriously is my OWN therapy.


                                                        Me, Cash, Bonnie and Mesquite (another pretty cool horse!)

                                                                            I don’t know what I’m saying here…….

I’ll try to get some better action shots as we progress into more interesting stuff….but at least you can see Graham’s love for me in the form of this special horse!

Another thing Graham has SLOWLY been working back into is dirt bike riding.  It’s one of his favorite things to do and I refuse to be one of those wives that won’t let their husbands do anything fun just because they were injured.  I trust Graham’s judgment and he really does know his limitations now.  No more jumping the jumps and fast movements…….for now:0)

Here’s him and his favorite racing buddy, Dan (his brother-in-law)







Okay….I guess I got a bit picture happy with this post…..I’ll stop boring you!

Miracle of the day:

There have been some new things lately that Graham has been initiating!  I have learned that pushing him into what he was once able to do is not the way to go, and have since dropped all mention of his previous hobbies.  One that has been especially hard for me to swallow is the horse back riding.  He just isn’t showing the interest in it he once did.  I think he wants to, but is just too tired to pull his horse out, tack him up and go out riding.  I can wait for that part of him to return…no big deal.  What is a big deal though is that the other day Graham mentioned getting his fishing license!  This is huge!  All on his own he got it and went fishing for the first time early the other morning.  What you have to understand is that Graham fly-fishes.  He’s actually really good, ties all his own flies, made his own rod, has all the gear and just loves to do it.  When we were dating we actually did it all the time together, but once we were married I lost interest.  I like to catch fish……like every time I cast, and I guess that’s not what it’s all about.  Graham’s idea of fishing is the excitement of being outdoors, spending time with God and if he catches something that’s great too.  I didn’t mean for this to get so long, but just for the fact that Graham showed an interest in this once again and then went out and did it, is just so cool!  Thank you Jesus!  I’ll try to get some pictures, although, that may mean I have to go with him:0)

Humor of the day:

Just as I predicted the “day planner” flopped…..big time!  If I were to ask Graham where it even was in the house, I don’t think he’d be able to find it’s location:0)  He’s JUST NOT a day planner kind of guy.  Oh well.

Keep praying for us!


One Response to “Update on us 5/29/11”

  1. Amy Harness May 30, 2011 at 1:58 am #

    So, the dayplanner flunked….have you tried using the cell phone? You once mentioned that he loved to text now. How about setting appointments and alarms in his cell phone?

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