Update on us 4/17/11

18 Apr

Home therapy has taken on some new and interesting steps. Steps that Graham is none too thrilled about. With receiving the Botox injections a few weeks ago, a follow up appointment was scheduled this past week for occupational therapy. This simply meant a check up on his arm exercises and an evaluation to see if what he’s doing at home is working etc. Seeing that Bonnie, my sister, is his “physical/occupational therapist,” it was only fitting for him to go with her.

Several tests were performed on Graham and there’s some good news and not so great news. The good/funny news is that Graham’s right arm (which was not the one affected by the accident) tested “off the charts” for “brute” strength. Needless to say, he was happy with those results. Some other good news is that his left arm (the one causing all the problems) tested as the “average man’s strength.” Graham’s response to this: “What?!?!?……are all the men out there wimps?”
The not so great news is that Graham is still lacking in the “fine motor skills” department. Being able to clip clothes pins onto something, or ball a piece of paper up, or work silly putty around……are all extremely difficult for him to do with his left hand/fingers. So…..guess what we’re doing lots of now? Yup! Hanging clothespins, balling up paper and playing with silly putty. He hates it. He hates it so much he sweats and actually gets really mad at the situation. It’s hard to watch sometimes. He’s getting better at laughing some, but it’s really not funny for him. My heart still breaks many times a day for him.

I just have to say, and I’m really not trying to be cheesy here, because I hate cheesy, and I’m just not one of those “girly-girls,” but I just have to share how much I love Graham and how proud I am of him. He is working incredibly hard and I know it’s all for the boys and me. I just love him so much!

Miracle of the day:

Graham and I are both learning so much about EVERYTHING! I know that sounds vague and kind of weird, but when so much has changed in our lives, we’ve had to learn so much about each other and life and what’s really important. We’re getting better at communicating with each other (especially Graham). I wear my heart on my sleeve, as you’ve probably seen in my writing, whereas Graham is more bottled up and closed. It’s been frustrating for me to say the least, because now with the brain injury, it’s just SO hard to know what’s swimming around that head of his. There have been many times when we’ve just needed to talk, but instead of us talking, it’s been ME talking and then crying because he’s NOT talking!!! (I know kind of funny) Honestly, I think there were times I was sucking all the oxygen from the room. Something is turning around for us though and I noticed it when we got back from Indiana. He’s talking to me more and sharing what he’s REALLY feeling.
Just the fact of him sharing with me that he’s tired and needs to go to bed is a BIG DEAL for him right now! He doesn’t want to admit he’s weak, tired and needing me to pick up the slack. It’s refreshing!

Humor of the day:

I have this really funny cork about me. I mean, I have several, but this one is rather odd. One way that I show affection is by biting. Yes…..biting. It’s kind of like when you love something/someone so much you just want to squeeze them and squeeze them. It’s that, but instead of squeezing, I want to bite. It’s actually not completely my fault. I grew up with a mother who bit all of us kids as a way to show us she loved us…..thanks mom! I bite my own kids now, which in turn has caused them to bite (we’re working on it) I have bitten my dogs, baby goats, my horses and of course Graham. Just about anyone I love I will bite, especially Graham and animals. When we were first married Graham thought it the most bizarre thing, but has since come to accept it, not always happily, you see, seeing that he’s the recipient most of the time. Most amazingly to my advantage: I can now bite Graham on his left arm/shoulder and he hardly feels it! There’s now only a slight tingle in his toes. It’s great! :0)

One Response to “Update on us 4/17/11”

  1. Aunt Roti April 26, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    Randi…the biting thing is hysterical! Why have you never bitten me? I’m not feeling the love!!!

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