Update for us 2/19/11

20 Feb

Graham’s second appointment with his Neurologist was encouraging for us the other day.  Graham had just come from some pretty long testing, was fighting a cold and a fever, so definitely was not on his “A” game.  When Graham is tired he limps more on his left side and his left arm goes up tight against his chest.  Much like a stroke patient or mentally challenged persons would.  He doesn’t even know he does this and I’m always telling him to put his arm down.

Anyway, I believe the Doctor got to see Graham when he was maybe worse than he normally would have been, which turned out to be a good thing.  The Doctor immediately picked up on things with Graham that maybe he would have “let go” before if Graham had been well-rested and feeling more himself.

Graham’s entire left side is still quite a bit weaker than his right with his left arm being the weakest.  He has a lot of tone in his arm, which you don’t want.  If you were to grab Graham’s left bicep it would feel as if he’s flexing it, even though he’s not.  This is a result of his brain injury and the nerves and muscles not working together.  Many times at the end of the day his arm will just shake and shake from the fatigue of the muscles being tired and flexed.  His leg will do this also.

Although Graham has come so far in a short amount of time, we have been told that he will most likely slow down in the healing process at about 1 ½ years post accident.  With that said, the Doctor feels very strongly that his left side could do better with some other medical methods.  The bummer for Graham is that they want him to start up rehab again, so we’ll be pursuing that along with Botox injections into his arm to relax the muscles and attempt at getting more strength and dexterity into it.

I was not expecting the Doctor to want to pursue any thing more with Graham.  I was expecting them to tell us to be happy with where he’s at and just keep doing what we’re doing (work and other things at home) It was encouraging for me to hear them WANT to aggressively treat this and try other methods.  I’ll be honest, I’m a little nervous though.  Nervous, because I just so badly want Graham’s arm to work well enough so that he isn’t frustrated at it and also because I’m going to have to stay on top of all this and push him to work even harder over the next year and years to come.  It’s a lot on both of our plates, but I know the Lord will help us through it like He’s been doing all along.

Miracle of the day:

I have NOT forgotten what the Lord has done and is continuing to do in our lives.  I’ve been picturing lately Graham at home here, but in a wheelchair and how much harder that would be for us, especially me:0)  He’s putting groceries away for me right now as I type this and for the most part he knows where it all goes!  Pretty amazing!

Humor of the day:

We have been on the “sick ward” here in the Stump home basically all winter.  I have not wanted to post about this because I have not wanted to sound like I’m complaining, but it’s true, the kids just keep catching one thing after the other.  It IS almost comical how sick we’ve been.  Let’s see, in the last two weeks we’ve battled, vomiting for the second time this season (still going on now), flu, colds, sore throats, sores in throats (there is a difference according to Wyatt), diarrhea, rashes, fevers, and runny noses.  I was feeling not so great today and went to lay down for a while only to wake up to Graham washing one of the sickly children in the tub and rinsing some exciting things off.  I know we can’t be the only ones going through this, but I’ll still be excited when we’re ALL better!

Keep Praying!



3 Responses to “Update for us 2/19/11”

  1. Donna Langman February 20, 2011 at 1:57 am #

    Yes, yes, keep on with the rehab! You have to be aggressive and really work at it. And he won’t plateau at 2 years, he will really start to heal at that point. The progress is just more measurable at this point. Steve has had the same problem with his right side that Graham has with his left. He does Physio three times a week. He also does speech therapy and occupational therapy as well as massage therapy. You might also want to look into hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He would go into a chamber and the oxygen molecules are compressed to travel through any liquid in the body and can therefore go where there might be blood blockage such as in the brain. It was very helpful for Steve. We did 2 solid weeks at two different times. Very expensive but worth it! The benefits were noticeable after the first day! Just remember that time is on your side. He isn’t back to himself yet but he still has time to get there. Lots of time! It isn’t until about 4 years until the fog lifts off the brain and then it could be some time after that before all is good. But don’t be discouraged though because so much changes all the time and you have to be patient and learn to love each part of it. Things will get easier every day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either. I have all kinds of people driving Steve around to this and that. People love to help. And I am so sorry that you are all sick. It is like adding insult to injury. God must know that you are one tough chick to be giving you all this. Keep that superhero cape flying!

  2. sharon February 20, 2011 at 3:07 am #

    Randi, Hannah had Botox and it was very positive. We will have a second round in March, it helps to relax the contracting and toning and it will help the proper muscles to strengthen, it also helps the brain to heal if the proper muscles are working. there appeared to be no negatives for Hannan!
    It’s a live virus and that freaked me out but Hannah’s wrists and ankles really relaxed and she had increased ranger of motion. we could tell when it had dissipated. I can’t wait to see how things go for round two. I’m hoping she may be abler to feed herself.
    Praying for health and healing for the whole family!
    blessing and hugs from windy Belleville:)

  3. David Wyrtzen February 24, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    Randi and Graham, Mary and I continue to pray for you and your kids. Challenging our Truth Encounter family again this week to ask the Lord Jesus to powerfully give you strength and perseverence. Love always, Dave and Mary

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