Update on us 2/18/11

18 Feb

There is much to report to everyone, and it might take a couple of days to get it all down.  What is important to note is that not all of what I’m going to say is positive, although, MOST is and I’m trying so hard to think on that and not the few negatives that were discussed.

First of all, Graham is physically sick right now.  He has a flu/cold going on with a mix of something intestinal.  My heart breaks for him because what would normally be a not-so-fun experience for just about anyone, is harder for him due to his other limitations and problems.  He’s almost at his breaking point at times and is starting to feel like God has asked too much of him.  Please pray for him!  He’s strong and I know he’ll come out of all this better on the other side, but it’s SO hard when you’re in the middle just struggling to get some fresh air.  That is so badly what he needs; the fresh air that only the Lord can give him, he’s just having trouble getting at it right now.

On a brighter note, he had a Doctor’s appointment yesterday.  This was with his Psychologist and Neurologist.  The first was with Dr. Long (psychologist) where he went through these tests to basically see where he was with his IQ and mental capacity.  This was very encouraging for me because many of the questions I had to really concentrate and think about and would have needed a paper and pencil to figure out the math ones :0) (I’ve never been good at math) Here’s some of the questions that were given to Graham:

Dr. Long: “A couple bought a couch at a second-hand store for $400; they spent 2/3rds of what it would have been new, what would they have paid if new?”

No hesitation

Graham: $600

These questions started easy and got harder, and I’m having a hard time remembering them now…..go figure.  He did get some of the harder ones wrong, but overall did really well.

He had to look at pictures of shapes and then draw them from memory.  Graham has always had a picture memory and learned the best by watching something or looking at a picture.  What is interesting is that his injury happened right where his brain processes pictures and memory with it.  He did great with this, but it’s not what it was before.  Dr. Long believes Graham (pre-accident) would have tested above average in these tests and is now testing average!  This is great for me!  Basically he is testing how I would test!  YES!  Now we’re even!  Of course, this bothered Graham, but overall we were happy with this news:0)

I don’t want this to get long, so I’ll post again tomorrow and let you all know about the other appointment with the Neurologist.

Miracle of the day:

Graham and I went out to eat after all the time at the Doctors and we went to a place we had gone with his parents when he was at Sunnyview.  When there for the first time he couldn’t walk, could hardly talk, and fell asleep every few minutes.  It was so neat seeing the table we had sat at and realizing all the Lord has done since the last visit there.  It was really encouraging for me and an amazing miracle to think back on.

Humor of the day:

Graham was actually really nervous about all the testing yesterday.  I thought it was just because he was afraid of performing in front of the Doctors, or whatever.  The real reason?  He was afraid he’d get re-admitted to Sunnyview!  He thought for sure if he got questions wrong he would have to stay.  I quickly eased his mind with that and later after I spaced it with something else, we both agreed that maybe I needed a room at Sunnyview!

Please pray for my husband!


4 Responses to “Update on us 2/18/11”

  1. sharon February 18, 2011 at 10:02 pm #


  2. Donna Langman February 18, 2011 at 10:19 pm #

    Keep that superhero cape flying girl! You are doing great! Steve was also an exceptional person when it came to smarts before his injury and I feel the same way…that we are even now! It sounds like you guys are getting into a groove which is good as you are in for the long haul. But so much changes from before and so much of it is good, it is just hard to see when you are in the thick of it all. Focus on the blessings, which is what you are doing. Keeping you guys in our prayers. Donna

  3. Cindy Baker February 19, 2011 at 12:30 am #

    Continuing to remember you both in prayer; will pray especially for Graham now as he battles this “sick bug” that is going around.

  4. Grannie February 19, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    Hi Folks!

    Poor guy! I was down for about a week with a flu bug – it’s a nasty one this year. A little TLC really does help a lot. We all know that men really do return to a baby type state when they get sick – they just can’t handle being sick. Adding that on top of his injury has got to be really deflating for you both. Hang tough. At least we all know that the flu will eventually go away!

    So glad that he tested well. Good to hear that he’s normal . . . just like the rest of us crazy folks out here!

    You are both so blessed to be able to see just how well things are going. Always look for the smiles!

    Still praying!

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