Update on us 12/28/10

28 Dec

I cannot believe this year is coming to an end so quickly!  All that has happened to us has definitely been the hardest year of our lives yet, but I can honestly say the Lord has proven Himself faithful and trustworthy even in the midst of our dark hours.  I do hope that 2011 is filled with happier times and more times of healing for both Graham and I.  Graham has shared with me that he doesn’t remember ever writing the year “2010” down on anything, but maybe that’s a good thing for him.  I, on the other hand remember 2010 very well, and believe me, even though it was hard, it wasn’t all bad either.  I have many great memories that I will hold in my heart until the day I leave this earth.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas.  We had a very special time with family and friends and with everything being put into a different kind of perspective, we enjoyed our time even more so this year.  Our kids are at such fun ages we couldn’t help but be happy and have fun.  There is nothing better than celebrating our Savior’s birth, other than maybe His resurrection, but I just love this time of year with all the lights, trees, smells, and music!  It really is such a magical time isn’t it?

Graham is at a Doctor’s appointment as I write this with my brother Matt.  He is getting some nerve testing done on his arm among other things, so we’ll see what the Doctors have to say.  I’m not expecting a good report, but I also don’t really need to hear one to know what I believe anymore.  Graham is completely being held onto by the Lord’s arms and His healing powers alone.  I have respected and appreciated the Doctors so much, and will continue to use them as a tool to help Graham, but please realize with me that the Lord is doing all the work here and in turn will receive all the glory because of it.

Miracle of the day:

When Graham was in the ICU, I bought this nice little leather bound journal to keep just for him.  I got it with the intentions of one day being able to give it to him to read.  Many times while writing in it I wondered if I would really ever be able to present it to him or was I just writing it for myself?   I was so thrilled to give it to him on Christmas morning and at the same time have him truly understand what it was and appreciate it.  He has started reading it and things are becoming a little clearer as far as my journey through this.  What an awesome thing I could give that to him!

Humor of the day:

Graham has lost about 1 ½ years of memories and even the long-term memories can get fuzzy.  One sad thing for me, but kind of funny too, is that he does NOT remember for the life of him our youngest son Keith.  He doesn’t remember him being born, him as a baby, or any of those memories you have as a parent.  It actually really bothers him, but he’s adjusting to the loss.  It’s so bad that when he first starting coming “out-of it” (seriously about a 1 ½ months ago) I could’ve told him the baby was adopted, not his, or just some random kid living with us and he would’ve believed me.  Fortunately for him, I’m not that mean and the really neat thing to see is that he KNOWS he has a special bond with him even though he doesn’t remember him.  It’s really sweet to watch and I’m excited for all the new memories they will make together over the years!

Keep praying for us all!


One Response to “Update on us 12/28/10”

  1. Sharon Faulkner January 1, 2011 at 8:38 pm #

    Dear Randi,
    thanks for sharing your heart… I still check up on you guys to know how to pray. May the Lord richely bless you this coming year. the Faulkners

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