Update on us 12/6/10

7 Dec

Graham had his last official therapy session today!  We went in not knowing what was going to happen.  Would he have to continue this long-term or is he better enough to just do stuff at home?  I thought for sure he would have to continue at least some minor therapy every couple of weeks or so, but after running test after test on him, and him passing each one, he got the go-ahead to graduate!  This is VERY exciting for us.  It’s one more step for us back to normalcy!

Graham still has some major obstacles to overcome both mentally and physically, so we would really appreciate you continuing to pray for us.  Graham is an extremely motivated person, and is taking his rehab very seriously.  He moved his drum set from church down into our basement so he could work on his left arm and the agility it will need to once again play.  He continues to lift weights each night and use the new elliptical machine.  He still faithfully wears his glasses, which really do help with so much for him and he goes to work every day for his family.  This accident is only about 19 weeks old!!

I guess the hard part really starts now for us with just staying motivated and keeping on this race we’re running here.  For me, my newest challenge has been to not live in the past, but to let it go.  I can’t go back there and even though the memories are sweet and special I can’t dwell on them.  I have to constantly tell myself to live in the present time and to enjoy life how it is RIGHT now.  I can’t undo what happened to Graham, and I can’t undo the pain that I still feel at times.  But what I can do is live each day to it’s fullest and continue to love my husband for who he is now.  My life and his will never be the same and I have to believe that either way, in the end, it will bring glory to the Lord.

Miracle of the day:

I was driving home today praising the Lord once again for the blessings He continues to pour out on us.  For me, the Lord knew that it would be easier for us to have Graham be done with therapy before the bad weather really comes.  It may be something small, but it will be one less thing to think about and deal with right now.  This is so personal to me because it shows me that the Lord cares about the small and tiny details of my life and Graham’s.  He didn’t want whoever was to drive him down to have to drive in snowstorms!  Thank you Lord.

Humor of the day:

Graham:  “I would really like to have some more kids sometime.”

Me: “yeah, me too, but we’re not ready for that yet, it would be too much for us right now”

Graham:  “Why?, because you already have 3 kids?”

Me:  “No, but you can’t quite help me like you use to.  You don’t know what all needs to be done for the boys; you don’t know when they need diapers, Doctor appointments and food.”

A slight pause in the conversation…..

Graham:  “I never knew when they needed that stuff before”

Me: (laughing)  TRUE!

Keep praying!


3 Responses to “Update on us 12/6/10”

  1. Melissa December 7, 2010 at 1:49 am #

    I’ve been following your story for a while now, praying for you all and amazed to see what God has done in Graham- I’m not only a Christian but a speech therapist so reading about Graham’s recovery amazes me from a whole different perspective- makes me think that someday I’ll work with adults in rehab. When I read your humor today, i laughed so hard- As I read it, I was amazed that he was on top of those things before the accident because my husband, who doesnt have a brain injury, isn’t! and from a clinical perspective, what great thinking and reasoning!!

  2. Phil Ackerman December 7, 2010 at 3:02 am #

    Randi sand Grahm, since my Open Heart Syrgery I have had to come with grips that I am not the same man I was before but guess what, my vows when I married was I promise to love honor and cherish in SICKNESS And in Health as long as we both shall live. Wow it could be so very much worse. Guess what? We are gong to get glorified bodies and what was temperal is going to fade away. When I saw the Passion of the Christ I saw what Christ had to endure. What I am going through while difficult is nothing in comparison. I love my wife with all my heart, my soul and my mind. I would not be here were it not for my wife. I am certain Graham feels the same for you. I get emotional a lot becuause that is who I am. The Lord is making you both new creatures. Your story, your ministry has touched the lived of untold thousands and I am convinced there will be so many to number souls that will tap you on the shoulder and say, I would not be in heaven had it not been for your testimony. So expecially days you feel down remember your Creator has used you both oh so many, many ways. We Agape You.

  3. Erin December 7, 2010 at 5:30 am #

    So grateful for your continued updates! We are still here praying for you guys and blessed to hear how God continues to work. Asking God to give you exactly what you need each day… and asking for Him to continue to give you moments to laugh and enjoy each other. So grateful for the way you both seek to glorify God. Love you guys! xxx -Erin

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