Update on us 12/2/10

3 Dec

We arrived safely back to New York yesterday although the plane ride home was a little long and rough due to bad weather.  We had such a great time with Graham’s family and were blessed over and over again meeting just some of the people who have been praying for us.  The time there was good for Graham and he was able to spend quality time with his brothers, sisters and parents.  Our thanksgiving was extra special this year for obvious reasons, and we continue to have thankful hearts even when it’s hard.

There are 12 grandkids on the Stump side so the get-togethers were fun, chaotic, crazy and out of control most of the time.  It was over-stimulating for me at times, so I’m sure it was for Graham too.  He handled everything really well though and was even able to stay up late a few times for fire pit with the guys!

Graham and I are both learning the same, hard lesson right now.  It’s probably something that you yourself have struggled with at times, or are struggling with currently.  We are learning to be content with our situations, and not to just be content, but joyful during this time as well.  For me, it’s one thing to endure something for a time, or go kicking and screaming, but at least get through it.  It’s another to endure it with grace, happiness, and true contentment.  It’s a daily struggle to do the latter.  I need to be content with how Graham is now.  I need to work on not stressing on how slow he does things, how he continues to struggle with the simple things, and how I have lost huge connections with him, both physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The hurt that I feel sometimes is so deep, and I know that I have much to work through for the rest of my life.

Graham’s contentment hinges on his physically disabilities.  He definitely gets sad at times and down and most of that sadness comes from what he is not able to do anymore. He continues to put his trust in the Lord as well, and oftentimes is the one encouraging me to “keep trusting, the Lord has a better plan for us”.  “Look at what He’s already done”, and things like that. His left arm is probably his biggest struggle right now.  You can actually be praying for it as we’re digging further into what is causing the pain and limitations with it.  I fear the nerve damage will be long-term and that just makes me sad as his wife.  Who wants to watch their loved one suffer and struggle?  I have to keep believing the Lord has better plans for both of us and I want to be used for His glory alone.

Miracle of the day:

We had the most amazing Thanksgiving this year and it will always be a special one for me.  That Graham was able to go to Indiana and spend another Thanksgiving with not only me, but his family as well, is such an awesome miracle from the Lord.

Humor of the day:

I am always cold, and I don’t know why this is so.  Graham has lost so much of his muscle, that he is cold now all the time.  Before this we could never agree on the temperature of the house, car or anything else.  He actually admitted that he understands me more and that he even feels a little sorry for me that I’m always cold.  The bad thing is that I always could snuggle up to him and have him warm me up.  I try to snuggle now only to feel exactly what he feels from me…..ICE COLD!!!

Keep praying!



One Response to “Update on us 12/2/10”

  1. Sharon Faulkner December 4, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    Thank you for the contentment challeange I need it .:) Sharon

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