Update on us 11/7/10

8 Nov

Graham is sleeping like a baby while I write this tonight.  The big Open house event wore the little man out:0) I sound like I’m talking about my 2 year old, nope, but that’s okay because he did great today!

We really did have such an awesome time visiting and just thanking everyone that came for all the prayers, love and support they are continuing to pour on us.  I was doing pretty well emotionally until I saw some of the EMT team that worked on Graham in the arena come through the door.  That meant so much to me that they would come and see Graham.  Thank you to everyone else for making food, helping to set up, clean up, and just be there for us during this time.  We are so blessed to have such loving, caring and godly people in our lives!  Thank you Mom, Dad, Dan and Bonnie!  I love you guys so much!

Today was hard for Graham and not just because of the Open House.  Graham LOVES going to church, but it’s also hard for him now to go.  He said to me today that he feels everything has been stripped of him; his talents and gifts have, for the moment, been completely taken from him.  That HAS to be hard.  Often times I get so focused on my own personal problems and hurt that I forget the love of my life’s own hurts and struggles.  I think on the talents/gifts that I have and imagining them gone and not being able to do them is difficult to think about, let alone accept.  Graham is in that “accepting” phase right now.  Please pray for him!  His attitude remains great and while most people in his state would be on anti-depressants, Graham continues to lean on the Lord like he never has before.  It’s an amazing thing to behold!

Graham was once again able to help serve the Lord’s table today in church.  Anyone who was there knows what I’m saying here, but it was difficult for him and he cried through his whole prayer while He thanked the Lord for His body.  He told me on the ride home that he just can’t get over how God would give up His OWN Son to death, yet has not chosen that path for Graham yet.  Obviously, God did that for His love for us, and to show us that He still needs Graham here for a time to do something great for Him.

I continue to have REALLY hard times, but also GREAT times too.  It’s hard to explain here, but all I can and will say is that the Lord has been more than faithful to me and it’s faith I don’t deserve!  His grace and love and peace and joy and mercy are all truly things I don’t deserve, but I am so thankful for them.  My thankful heart is even something from Him that I can’t take credit for!

Miracle of the day:

This may be silly to some, but I want to share this one with you because it was proof all over again to me how the Lord cares about the little things in your life.

I decided to tackle the job of making a slide-show video about our journey through this so far.  Even though I feel you need a college degree in filmmaking or something of that nature, I actually had fun doing it and it looked great when I played it on my computer.  When I went to burn it and then play it through my DVD player it was skipping, and blurry, and just not a good quality.  I tried everything that I could think of to fix this problem.  I was on the phone with several people and even made special trips to get better DVDs etc.   Nope, not going to work!  I decided to show one of the 10 I had burned (no joke) and just deal with the skips and bad quality.  “Bummer” I thought, but “oh well, there’s worse things in life right?”   When I arrived to the party for Graham and put it in my dad’s DVD player, BAM!  It worked perfectly!  What an amazing God I get to serve who cares about a silly video!  He knew that was important to me today and wanted to give me that.  I got it Lord and I am praising Your name for it!

Humor of the day:

Graham has always prided himself in his eating abilities.  For some reason stopping when you’re full is just not good enough for Graham! Must be a guy thing.? Since this accident he eats SO slow and not as much as he used to.  While I try to feed the two kids and scarf my own food, Graham would just sit quietly chewing on his small portions.  I soon found my eyes glancing back and forth between his plate and mine with questions filling my head like:  “What’s wrong with this picture?”  “Why am I eating so much more than my husband and SO much faster?”  “Am I being rude?”  “In my haste to feed the children have I lost all my table manners and turned into a starved animal instead?”   Well, I’m sure you moms know a little of what I’m talking about with trying to feed the kids and yourself all at the same time with little to no help.   I’m happy to report that Graham is starting to eat faster than me once again, and even jumping in to help with the kid’s meals.  It’s a good feeling.

Keep praying for the Stump family!


7 Responses to “Update on us 11/7/10”

  1. Betsy Fladung November 8, 2010 at 4:06 am #

    Thank you so much for sharing your testimony! We know Graham’s parents and brother from church in Indianapolis. We have been praying for Graham since the accident. It is such a wonderful thing to hear of his progress! 100% support you both!

    I care for my Mom who suffered a stroke 4 years ago. We were surprised to learn that Zoloft (specifically) actually helps the brain make the connections that make a real difference with regaining speech. We got that confirmed from multiple unrelated sources. The last four years have been a mix of good and bad. But God has been sovereign over it all. I don’t know how people do this without Jesus. I cherish every victory in Him.

  2. Sharon Faulkner November 8, 2010 at 12:59 pm #

    PTL… I like your humor for the day… it really is the little things that stand out when so much has been stripped away. I love you guys!!!I know we have never met but I feel very connected to you.
    I know you have tough moments but then you wouldn’t trade any of these moments because Jesus is more real then ever. Blessings the Faulkner Family

  3. Cindy Baker November 8, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    Thank you Randi for taking time last night to write an update. As I said to you in the afternoon, I wondered how Graham was handling the crowd of people, etc. and you said that he was doing great (which I saw for myself) but that he would probably crash when you got home…I am not surprised that that is what happened. Again, I want to say what an exceptional young woman you are and it is exciting to see how the Lord is using you though all this…You have made me think on many things and how I respond, etc. May God continue to use you and Graham in a very special way…you just never know what ministry the Lord has in store for you both. Continuing to pray for you all. Love in Christ, Cindy

  4. Becky (deLivron) Schmidt November 8, 2010 at 6:10 pm #

    Any chance of posting your video on the website? My small group at church has been praying for you guys, and I’d love to show them (plus, I’d love to see it myself).

  5. Grannie November 8, 2010 at 9:32 pm #

    What an inspiration your posts are! Even the rough patches are softened by your love for one another and for God.

    Still praying,

  6. Heather Evans November 8, 2010 at 10:52 pm #


    I know is just blowing your mind with all that He can do, and He will continue to. It is awesome that you continue to be real and also be a great witness. I have to admit, I eat like a starving animal everytime I get my hands on food, especially since someone always asks for some of whatever I’m eating. I had to start taking a bite and then talking a bit, and then take another bite and talking so that the people I go to lunch with don’t think I’m a pig. 🙂

  7. Juanita Poseck November 9, 2010 at 6:41 pm #

    Hi dear Randy and Graham,we know graham from Arlington baptist Church.Through Charles Davis we heard about the accident.from that day on we have not stopped praying and now we rejoyce with you in the wonderful way the Lord has answered,PRAISE HIS NAME.we serve a great God. Your updates Randy have been such a blessings,you will never know what on example of wife you have been.Graham you are so blessed,having such a sweet wife.I am involved in 3 Bible study and they all are praying.We will not stop until you tell us.You are loved.Manuel and Juanita Poseck

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