Update on Us 10-13-10

13 Oct

I feel like I am SLOWLY getting my house back in order from months of organized chaos! I am guilty of liking a “picked-up home”, but often in order to get it, I just throw things in drawers, cupboards, or under beds. Because I worked right up until the accident I have put off many things from since the beginning of the summer. That was 4 months ago! I am taking it extremely slow, and therefore was able to get one cupboard completely back in working order. We’ll see how long it lasts. 

Graham continues to be with me here at home, but if you’re thinking he’s bumming around watching TV all day, you are quite mistaken. I get him so tired out by the time he gets to his therapy he’s ready for a nap. This morning he woke up, got Keith his bottle, got Wyatt up, fed the dogs, made his coffee, fed the horses and did the dishes. He soon continued with a “light work-out” instructed by his favorite therapist…..ME! We stretched, did crunches and worked on balance. The only thing he said was that the moves I had him in were kind of “girlie”. He practiced guitar, but it was very hard for him. The poor guy has such an ear for music and he knows he sounds really bad right now. I just keep telling him to work on finger placement rather than how it sounds. 

I am so busy right now that I can’t believe I am even able to post today. Not only do I have Graham to monitor, encourage and keep busy, but I have two little boys that keep me constantly on the run. I’m not sure what I’m thinking, but I’m also trying to potty-train Wyatt right now. We were doing well until about an hour ago. Now my bedspread and his clothes are drying nicely on the clothes line. Oh Well! 

Graham is truly an answer to prayer and one of the neatest things for me has been parents sharing with me the way their kids have experience answered prayers and just how the Lord really DOES still perform miracle after miracle. Thank you for your continued prayers, we still need lots and lots of them! 

Miracle of the day: 

I was able to get Graham back on his horse Crockett! It was a HUGE deal and very special too! I was imagining that I was going to have to throw him up on the horse, but he was able to completely mount on his own without ANY help. I rode peacefully on the back just in case, although he didn’t need my help. Graham was able to share with me that riding Crockett has been the most normal he’s felt since the accident. The movements of the horse I think triggered something for him and it was just really cool! We will definitely be doing that again soon!

Humor of the day:

Sometimes I get sad that the “old Graham” will never be here again. The other day I watched Graham open the fridge to get some milk to drink. I purposefully stopped what I was doing to watch him. I was waiting to see what he would do. Sure enough, he drank from the carton! That is very much the old Graham! Before, I would tell him to get a cup, but I don’t even care anymore that he does that. Just maybe don’t come to our house and drink our milk! 

Keep praying! And thanks to the Wades for the delicious meal tonight!

One Response to “Update on Us 10-13-10”

  1. Tammi T. October 16, 2010 at 1:05 am #

    Our family is still praying for you.

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