Update on Us 10-09-10

9 Oct

Graham is fast asleep as I write this tonight. He had a busy social day today and I think it made him more tired than normal. My younger sister, Renee and her growing family came for a visit this weekend and we all attended a service for my other sister’s husband’s father, who passed away recently. Tongue twister there, sorry! We made the hour trek to be there for my brother-in-law, and other than the immediate family, we really didn’t know anyone. I could not believe how many people came up to us to introduce themselves and say that they’ve been praying and won’t stop. It was such an encouragement for me to see first-hand how this has impacted people and how THEY are the ones learning something through this too. I guess I’ll never know the full extent of how this has touched certain people because at times I’m so focused on what’s happening in my own crazy world. I have to admit that I’m quite caught up in tending to my children’s needs and Graham’s needs, which include home therapy, lists, encouragement, lots of prayer, tears and laughs. 

Please continue to pray for us. Graham has good days and bad days with today being a good one. When we have a good day I can’t help but brace myself for the bad one that is sure to come. He feels very inadequate for me. He’s very hard on himself and his self-worth is rather low right now. That is SO not the Graham that used to be. Those reading this that really know Graham and who maybe sometimes run into him at church or work could really be used in a great way by just encouraging him right now and telling him he’s doing great. He’ll probably reply that he’s not, but just keep saying it. Part of my frustration at home is that he’ll get down and I’ll spend about 30 minutes encouraging, praying and giving pep talks, but he won’t remember them a few hours later when he’s down again. This has to be one of the hardest things to go through, and I don’t mean that for sympathy or a pat on my shoulder. I just mean it as truth. Almost every hour I have to have a “come to Jesus meeting” (as Graham calls them), and just cry out to Him for endurance, strength and perseverance. He always delivers! I can faithfully and confidently say that it IS so!

Miracle of the day: 

Graham has to do “eye therapy” at home which involves looking into this teal colored light twice a day for 20 minutes. With his double vision he was clearly seeing two teal lights, one on top of the other. Today he told me that when he did it he still saw two, but they were quite a bit closer together and more on top of each other like they’re suppose to be. One of his biggest complaints throughout the day is his eyesight, so I am just so happy that the Lord is still busy working on him and hasn’t forgotten about his eyesight. It IS getting better, and will hopefully just take some time. 

Humor of the day: 

Back and Neck braces are gone now at night, but don’t get any crazy ideas about us….he doesn’t remember anyway! I guess I could use that to my advantage!

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