Update on Us 10-07-10

7 Oct

There is absolutely no better birthday present today than having Graham here at home with us. I continue to struggle with so much with Graham and I know that is why the Lord hasn’t healed him completely yet. I so badly want to learn all that I’m suppose to learn and the BIGGEST challenge by far for me is the whole patience thing. I have always struggled with that one. My personality is very “go-get ‘em” and “driven”. I can’t understand why people are late, and why something can’t be done yesterday. Very bratty I know! I would get impatient with Graham before all this happened over silly things; so now it’s been risen to a whole new level and I often find myself about to break and snap. The bad thing is that Graham can pick up on it in me even if my words are loving and encouraging. Unfortunately, my actions are speaking louder than my words. Please continue to pray for me in this area, I want to be the best wife to him that I can, it’s just so hard right now. When your kids are screaming and then your husband asks you the same question for the hundredth time that day, it’s just plain hard to stay patient all day long.

Home life is settling into a new “norm” for us all. Today has been a rough day for Graham with his memory and ability to do some of the simple things that he just did yesterday. He struggled feeding the horses today, so I had to go out and help him. He just couldn’t remember what to do and when to do it. He has lists everywhere intended to help him remember. When he can stay focused on the lists he does pretty well. 

Some great news is that Graham is being weaned off of his neck and back braces. We had several doctor appointments on Tuesday and I was able to see the MRI results of his brain and back for the first time. I could clearly see where he broke his back, but all is healing nicely and he is not complaining of any pain anywhere, which is good. Seeing the images of his brain were overwhelming! I had pictured what they would maybe look like and how I would be, but sitting in a chair looking at your husband’s brain on a screen was just so surreal. The bruising and bleeding was bigger than I imagined and the swelling was also very real. I probably would have given me bad news too about Graham if I had been a doctor looking at that MRI! Thankfully the Lord doesn’t care about those things, but rather about Graham and what He has planned for him.

Miracle of the day:

Graham went to work yesterday for the first time in 10 weeks! He actually worked too! He wired a boiler up and also a hot-water heater. He was quick to tell my dad that he had put some valves upside down and that they needed to be fixed. He of course doesn’t really remember it now, but at the time he had a great day. It was so good for Graham’s spirits. He’s been a little down lately, so it was nice to see him happy and smiling!

Humor of the day:

Graham is now keeping a diary….well more like a journal, but it’s funny to tease him about it. It helps him remember what he did that day and is also nice for him to write down how he’s feeling about life right now.

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