Update on Us 9-26-10

26 Sep

I was on my way home Friday from the hospital and while stopped at a light I happened to look up and see a helicopter headed toward the Albany direction. Friday was the 8 week point for Graham, and I couldn’t help but see that helicopter and think “that was Graham just a short time ago”. I didn’t know if anyone was even hurt in there, but I started praying for and hoping that they would be ok. Seeing it up there so high and literally flying so fast with speed gave me perspective all over again. Memories of the ER, doctors, ICU, and tubes in Graham everywhere all came flooding back. I realized too, that I most likely will block much of this out in a few months. I hope this will all be just a distant nightmare.

Please know that this has not ALL been a nightmare for me and my family. The Lord has chosen to reveal Himself to me in ways that most people don’t get to experience, and I feel blessed.

Graham is doing amazing by the way! He truly is a living miracle and I’m the lucky one to be a part of his life and what the Lord has planned for him. He came home again today for just the day and was able to be with our kids, see the horses, and ride the 4-wheeler. Other than him asking the same questions over and over again and being obsessed with the time and day, we had a GREAT time.

He has to keep his back and neck braces on for 12 weeks total. They will come off mid-October, and for me that will be huge as it will be the last thing to go on him. I have secretly celebrated each time a tube has been removed. It will be no different with these braces that make him look like a star-wars character.

Miracle of the day:

Graham is officially WALKING on his own!!!! He’s a little wobbly when the ground is uneven, and once in a while he gets unbalanced, but he’s always able to correct it. On Friday they purposefully tried to unbalance him to see if he would correct it and he DID! His left side is still weaker than his right, but I KNOW it will just take some working-out and time.

Humor of the day:

Graham is going to meet a new therapist when he comes home….ME!!! I’m going to let him feed the horses, dogs, and do some simple yard work. I told him of my plans and all he said was that I have not changed. What he means is that I am still a “slave-driver”. I just want him to have the best quality of life possible!

Graham continues to think that he is paralyzed and that his neck is broken. I just keep telling him “would someone that can move his legs and arms be paralyzed?” He always starts laughing and says “no”

He also keeps saying that he is retarded now. Oh boy! What will I do with him? His sense of humor has definitely returned and he thinks he is really funny.

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