Update on Us 9-20-10

20 Sep

As most of you know, Graham was able to come HOME yesterday! He arrived around 10am and stayed until 6:30. It was so incredible! Him seeing Wyatt for the first time was hard for me as Wyatt wasn’t sure what the wheelchair and neck brace were all about. It only lasted for about 30 seconds and then he wouldn’t leave Graham alone! It was great. Baby Keith even seemed to know what was going on and enjoyed being pushed around the yard sitting on his dad’s lap. You will probably think I’m crazy or that I’ve been lying to you about Graham’s condition, but Graham rode the 4-wheeler while he was home! I sat on the back of him and we slowly ventured out onto some trails behind the house. He did so great and it actually made him use his left arm and fingers. We are calling it “Adirondack therapy”; they say it’s the best kind. 

After our great day yesterday I was excited and nervous to see Graham today. Would he remember anything from his time at home? Well, unfortunately he didn’t, but me and the rest of my family had a great time even if he couldn’t remember. That is what you can be praying for the MOST right now. His memory, as I’ve mentioned before, is pretty bad. It’s getting difficult as his wife as I try to navigate around his memory and emotions. I feel like that guy in the “Notebook” where he reads to his wife everyday to bring her back to him. That’s kind of where I’m at right now with Graham. Today over lunch he was “with me” and was very emotional as we talked about him being hurt, being in the hospital and what’s wrong with him for the hundredth time. I know tomorrow he won’t remember that conversation and I’ll have to repeat it to him all over again. It’s worth it though because it’s during those times that I really get to see Graham again.

Miracle of the day: 

This one is HUGE for me! When Graham was home yesterday at one point Wyatt was being a brat and just needing to be disciplined. Before I could do anything Graham told Wyatt to “stop acting like that, or daddy would do something about it.” Wyatt immediately obeyed and you should have seen my face. I’m sure my mouth was open as I couldn’t believe that Graham was parenting right alongside me. 

Humor of the day:

Graham beat me in “Connect Four” several times. I was REALLY trying to play, but he was still beating me. 

One Response to “Update on Us 9-20-10”

  1. Donna Langman September 25, 2010 at 2:33 am #

    I thought I might let you know that Steve has no memory of the first 7 weeks after the accident. It really doesn’t matter now that he doesn’t remember but I thought mentioning it might encourage you that Graham’s brain may be protecting itself from this trauma. Steve had an amazing memory before and it isn’t the same still but it did get better. Now he is more like me 🙂 Speaking of that, you might be experiencing some post traumatic stress yourself. Watch for that. I had adrenal fatigue and took supplements that really helped me.

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