Update on Us 9-18-10

18 Sep

WOW! I’m glad you all liked the pictures. I didn’t know they’d be such a hit. I’ll have to keep taking some and keep them posted for you all. Thank you for the encouraging comments you wrote. I need to let you know that those ARE the good ones of him. I have some pretty rough ones of him that I don’t think I’ll show many people. I am NOT looking for sympathy here, simply your prayers, but I realize that Graham “looks” normal and himself in these pictures, and HE does look so good. Please understand though that Graham still has a very LONG road ahead of him. He is still extremely confused by not knowing what day it is, what’s going on, people’s names, he’s extremely quiet, and gets more confused and quiet the more tired he is. If you want to know what you can specifically pray for here’s the biggest request right now: 

*His memory- it’s SO bad! It was hard to keep my patience with him yesterday as every few minutes he’d ask the same questions and could not remember what he was just doing for the life of him. Pray that it will come back and that he’ll be able to carry over day-to-day stuff and the concept of time etc. 

The Lord continues to grow and stretch me during this time in my life and I’ve joked with Graham that he’ll have to get to know a whole new girl when he’s back again. 

Miracle of the day: 

Overall, Graham had a GREAT week. The pool was a miracle in and of itself. It did wonders for his balance and his walking! His PT (physical therapist) doesn’t want him to come home in a wheelchair OR a walker! She wants him to be walking, and really thinks he will be soon. Did you catch that?!?!? Graham is well on his way to walking and consistently walking! Yesterday, she asked him to walk as fast as he could and he did so well! He got very tired and asked her if he could stop jogging now☺ I am so thankful to the Lord for his progress and continue to count my blessings.

Humor of the day: 

I gave Graham his cell phone to have so that I could call him and I mentioned to him that he could call me too (if he wanted). Graham has never been much of a phone talker; it’s rather pathetic, but since he’s had his phone he’s been calling everyone he can think of! Mostly family, mind you! When my cell phone rings and I see his name come up on it, it almost brings me to tears I’m so happy. The one small problem is that he’ll call me, we’ll hang up when we’re done and about 5-10minutes later he’ll call me and not remember that he just called me :0) I am NOT complaining…it’s just kind of funny. My heart breaks for him at times, and other times I just have to laugh at him and think “Oh Lord, what am I going to do with him?!?” Do me a favor and get excited when you see your spouse’s name come up on your phone! I know it was something I once took for granted! 

Keep praying!

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