13 Sep

I got in late last night and left early this morning so I was not able to post until now. As usual I hadn’t seen Graham all weekend, so was literally chopping at the bit to get to him. I couldn’t find him when I first arrived and eventually found him in their gym. He had wheeled himself to his therapy session and was waiting for his therapist to start working with him. It was really cool! We had an awesome day yesterday! For me it was a BIG mental day for Graham. I can’t describe it well, but he was just more with it. His left eye has always been not quite as bright as his right, but yesterday it was much more bright. He was able to carry on conversations better and was more aware of what was going on around him. We had some good laughs. 

He continues to do well physically by gaining better balance in his trunk and his left arm was the best I’ve seen it! I had a hard weekend of just being alone, sad about all that has happened and just feeling down. The Lord really provided me with so much yesterday; it was like He was proving Himself all over again to me. I was struggling with the fact that our boys need a dad, someone to spend quality time with, teach them and love them. Being with Graham yesterday took away all my doubts on that!

I have standing permission to take Graham out of the hospital at evening time for “dates.” It was awesome spending time with him outside of the normal hospital setting. He did really well too! We went out to eat and then for a walk in a park with his parents and brother, it was nice. 

Today (Tues) was a good day too, but he was more tired today than yesterday. He did really well still, but got worked hard in his physical therapy and was wiped out! After our therapy (I say “ours” because I am just as much a part of this as him and I was all sweaty after his “work-out”), we again took Graham “off-property” and it was a treat because my grandparents (my dad’s parents) were there to visit with him. It was great to see them and meant so much to me that they would come all that way to see how Graham was doing. My grandfather has gone down the long road of therapy-sessions, not knowing, and just that scared feeling with my grandma, so it was nice to see them both and be encouraged in that way. 

Miracle of the day: 

Yesterday I was able to talk to Graham for about an hour and when I say talk, I mean REALLY talk! I told him everything about the accident and left no detail out. When I started to tell him that a Facebook page had been set up and that over 3,000+ people were praying for him, he just burst into tears! He couldn’t believe it and during the hour talk that we had cried several more times about lives being changed and just realizing how bad he was hurt. We prayed again together, but this time in person, and it was so sweet! He cried through his prayer, but it was great. 

Humor of the day: 

They were so concerned that Graham would escape they had put two alarms on him. One on his ankle and one on his wrist! It was a little overkill, and we got the one on his wrist taken off. He also ate a steak tonight and did really well with it. I’m not allowed to be feeding him that yet, but that’s what he wanted and I just couldn’t say no. Just don’t tell his speech therapist. Graham is also going “swimming” tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes, he’s not much of a swimmer….he sinks like a rock!

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