Update on Us 9-9-10

9 Sep

Graham is now sporting some sweet purple-tinted sunglasses that he has to wear all the time. After his eye appointment the Doctor was able to determine that Graham IS seeing double and his vision IS blurry. I am amazed how they are able to find that out and more importantly help Graham see better. There is most likely nerve damage done from the brain injury, and it may or may not get better. I’m not worried about it in the least. Graham CAN see and that is HUGE! The worst that can happen is that he may need glasses forever, and may have trouble reading up close etc. The fact that they are purple means nothing, it’s just all the doctor had at the time. Inside the left lens is a prism that is bouncing his eyes back together so they work as one and not two. When Graham looks at you he looks fairly normal, but his left eye is a little off to the side, and this will help push it back and hopefully strengthen it long-term. He thinks he looks cool and he also thinks I bought them for him!

I know if I were all of you and continuing to read these posts I wouldn’t be able to help but wonder how Graham really is. The best way to describe him for me is that he is only, at this point, able to live in the “present time”. Graham is totally unaware of the future and past. It’s very weird! He wouldn’t think to ask about things that are coming, like birthdays, holidays, and just things of that nature. He also can’t really tell old stories of the past, because he just can’t remember them. He does remember some things, but he gets tangled in his words and just starts making stuff up. Most of the time it’s just comical, but as his wife, it is also extremely difficult. I so badly just want to connect and have a normal conversation with him but at this time it is impossible. It’s really sad, but I feel more like a mom to him right now than his wife. There are many times I just want to scream! He of course has no clue and just keeps working hard which is more than I can ask for right now.

Graham was very quiet today and sleepy. They have him on some crazy medications that I would prefer him to not be on. I have been able to talk them out of two of them and today told them to lower one of the doses because I know it’s just making him tired. Even though he was sleepy he still worked super hard and continues to improve. All I have to tell him is that the harder he works the sooner he gets to come home. That perks him right up and he springs into action; literally! He worked today on his walking, standing, problem solving, and his left arm. That left arm is in rough shape, but he’s determined to have it work again one day soon! I have much to be thankful for. All I have to do is look around at most of the other patients and realize that we are not that bad off. The Lord continues to sustain me each day and there are still many rough days for me.

Thank you to everyone once again for your prayers, notes, cards, Dunkin Donut gift cards :0), CD’s and so much more! I really appreciate all the support and love that I am receiving. You will never know what you all did and how you even did it, but I am thankful and truly blessed!

Miracle of the day:

I was frustrated today at a couple of things that I can’t go into here, and as I was wheeling Graham into one of his therapy sessions I couldn’t help but have my eyes fill with tears. I was not sobbing mind you, just tearing up a little. I thought that I had it hidden from Graham because I’ve been able to do that before. He noticed it though and reached over his chair as I sat by him and rubbed my knee. He looked at me and said that he was “sorry for all of this”. Just that he was able to comfort me like that was so special. I instantly told him that it wasn’t his fault and that I loved him so much. It was a special moment and it was from the Lord because it helped me get through my day today!

Humor of the day:

Graham just noticed that one of his therapists is good-looking and has told her so. In his words he said “you’re almost as good-looking as my girlfriend”. I’m hoping I’m the girlfriend !?!? He tried kissing her hand today. Poor guy, I really do feel so bad for him!

Please keep praying!

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