Update on Us 9/7/10

7 Sep

I’m so exhausted right now I’m apologizing in advance for run-on sentences, misspelled words and for just not making sense! I feel I need to update everyone because it’s been a few days and much has happened. Graham had a busy weekend hanging out with Matt and Abby and was laughing very hard most of the weekend thanks to Matt. I wasn’t there but I heard that Matt just kept feeding him, which I’m sure he enjoyed. He’s lost some weight so he needs all the nutrition he can get, although I’m not sure I would call what he’s eating at the hospital nutrition.

He continues to talk well, but I’m noticing the more tired he is the more he doesn’t make sense and just says the most interesting things. Other times (when he’s well-rested), he says things that he normally would and we can actually have a “normal” conversation. I say “normal”, because now they consist of some numbers, “I’m sorry”, and other things that I can’t mention here. He is having some vision problems and is seeing the eye doctor tomorrow. It’s like his whole left side has been affected by this, including his vision and the left side of his face. Obviously the most affected is his left arm.

Miracles of the day:

Graham did AWESOME in physical therapy today! He is so determined and just knocked the socks off his therapist. No surprise to me of course! He is sitting up completely on his own, able to get from a lying to sitting position all by himself, and is able to stand with minimal help. He walked with only one person helping him and did so well with that they gave him a walker to try! He knew exactly what it was and took off with some help of course. He will soon be able to walk more independently once his upper balance is better. He’s just getting stronger and stronger each day and everyone is just so excited with how well he’s doing in this short of time. I feel so blessed.

Humor of the day:

Graham went to the spa today with me as his…..what do you call the person that does the spa treatments? I have no idea! Anyway, he got his toe nails clipped, feet rubbed and cream applied, eye brows trimmed, (he would kill me if he knew I was telling the whole world this), nose hairs cut and ears cleaned out. I asked him what he would do without me and he said that he would be ugly! He looks much better now. Not so much like a caveman!

Please keep praying, I am weary and lonely. After being with him all day I talked to him on the phone at night to say “good-night”, he didn’t even remember me being there and called me several different girl’s names today. I have no doubt he loves me; he tells me all day long, it’s just so hard him “being there” one minute to only be “lost” the next. I think that must be how the Lord feels about me sometimes.

Thanks for praying…

One Response to “Update on Us 9/7/10”

  1. Grannie September 8, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    So much progress in so little time! Small steps, one at a time – small victories – day by day – keep up the great work, There is a light at the end of the tunnel! It just seems like that tunnel is sooo long. We’ll all be behind ya, cheering you both on!

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