Update on Us 9/1/10

1 Sep

I am exhausted today, but can safely report that today WAS better than yesterday. Part of the reason that it was better was because they gave him something to help the restlessness. It kind of knocked him out for a couple of hours and after much convincing they will be cutting it back and giving it to him at a different time. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. 

Today was more of the same as far as the progress and the things he was doing. He is steadily getting better and that is just so encouraging to be a part of. 

This weekend will be a little hard for me. We had this camping trip planned for about a year with our little family and some good friends. We were going to take our horses and just spend the weekend riding and hanging out. Graham was SO excited about this trip. Part of me feels a little bad because every time he would bring it up I’d make a face like I wasn’t that excited. I normally LOVE to camp, but seriously, with a 2 year old and 1 year old, how much fun can that be? This isn’t “city” camping either, with cabins and beds. This is tents, sleeping bags, hard ground, cold mornings, hot nights, bugs and real “over the fire cooking”. I’d give just about anything now to be able to go on that with our complete family. I’ll just have to wait for next year!

Miracle of the day: 

Graham was given a psychology test today and the psychologist was very impressed with how far Graham has come in a week. Graham wasn’t even talking this time last week. Now you can’t shut him up, and not only that, but his short-term memory is not that bad either! It was very neat to watch and be a part of. 

Humor of the day:

I grew up driving on backcountry roads where the biggest thing you had to worry about was hitting a deer. I am quickly learning how to drive better in traffic and am doing well so far. I’m finding that the most aggressive drivers are the women who are “mom” age! I’ll see this mini-van clipping in and out of traffic and diving across three lanes of highway. I’ll think “wow, nice moves”, and if I’m lucky enough to pass them or get a glimpse of them they are mostly always “moms”. By the end of all this I’ll be ready to tackle NYC! 

Keep praying….this is SO long

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