Update on Us 8/25/10

25 Aug

Today is our little Keith’s fist birthday! It was a little depressing that I had to spend it in a hospital with his father who could not be at home with him. No doubt I’m a little bummed today because of that. My family of course stepped in and made it special for him. They made a cake and he had plenty of presents to open, even though big cousins and brother opened most of his gifts! It’s weird to think about this time last year and how a hospital stay was actually a joyous time in our lives, not a depressing one.

Graham continues to go to therapy sessions to be worked. His speech is continuing to improve and when asked most questions can get them right, or say that he doesn’t know the answer. All in all a good day, it’s just slow going!

Miracle of the day:

Graham attempted more with walking today. It’s still not how you or I would walk, but he’s putting forth more of an effort than yesterday. He’s initiating his steps more which is big. We also found out that Graham CAN read! He did it several times today. That is HUGE!

Humor of the day:

While trying to walk Graham looked at the therapist and asked: “Why is this so tricky?” A funny way to put it I thought! Instead of hard or difficult, he thinks it’s tricky! He also said he was angry today, which is a rarity.

Keep praying! We all miss him. He’s not only a husband, but a father, uncle, brother, son, and friend. So many miss him and his sweet personality.

One Response to “Update on Us 8/25/10”

  1. Heather Evans August 26, 2010 at 2:56 pm #


    Your honesty is appreciated. The reality is that what has happened sucks. No one would ever request to go through what you are going through. I couldn’t imagine sitting next to my husband in a hospital room and not having answers. It seems that most of the people who write an encouraging words to you use scripture and do their very best to shine a light into a dark situation, including myself. Today, I wanted to write you something a little more personal rather than share a scripture, although I’m sure you appreciate that.
    In the midst of your loneliness and fear, you are not alone. I don’t mean to say that God is with you, although He is. I’m talking about Graham. Graham is feeling the same thing. He is lonely. He is trying to communicate and even his best is lacking. He is with you on this voyage. He is probably more afraid than you are. If you could imagine being able to make sense to yourself, but when you try things you know you used to do and can’t, how scary that is. He is probably experiencing fear of not ever being able to communicate how he feels, what he’s thinking, who he still is. He is with you. He understands what you’re feeling because he is experiencing the same thing. I get angry when I don’t have enough time to get my dishes done at night. Can you imagine how frustrating trying to show people you are still there is? You watch him sweat to attempt to move his vocal muscles, something most of us take for granted. People get frantic when they get laryngitis. Heaven forbid they can’t move their vocal cords at all.
    These are things I’m sure you know. Don’t feel like you have to be strong the whole time with Graham. From all that you say of his recovery process, he might know that you are being forced to appear strong for him. If he does see that, it can be very hard for him. He is still your man. He is with you in this.
    Of course, I’m no doctor. For all I know, a good portion of what I said could make absolutely no sense. But, I can tell you that my uncle had brain trauma and he was never physically the same until his passing (he had cancer). BUT, he was there emotionally and mentally. Had the cancer not gotten the best of him, he could have made more of a recovery.
    Graham will get better. I didn’t say he will be just like he was. Even if his body is completely healed, brain and all, he will never be the same. God doesn’t leave us the same after He uses us. You will see God move in ways that you never knew possible.

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