Update on Us 8-20-10

20 Aug

Forgive me for not posting something yesterday. I had a very busy day, and was without internet. I have to say that I will do the best I can to post, but with traveling back and forth and taking care of two little kids, it will be difficult.

Last night was a prayer time for Graham on the Schroon Lake beach, and it was such a blessing for not only me, but my family as well. The support of people there was very encouraging and I felt so loved. Rick and Sarah sang some songs, and were off to Indiana early this morning. They will be back in a few weeks, and in the meantime, Graham’s parents will be arriving next Wednesday to be here for me, Graham and the kids.

I stayed home today with the boys, and was wore out by naptime so I also laid down to rest. Thank you Roger and Tim for working on my internet problem!
I feel I need to address some questions that I have been getting from several of you during this time; I’ll do my best to answer them.

1) What are the extent of Graham’s injuries (esp to his head)?

Graham sustained several injuries in his fall, the worse one being to his head. The brunt of the fall was taken to his head! T5 and T6 in his back are broken as well as his collarbone. The good news with his back and neck is that his spinal cord is in tact and not damaged at all. Now, his head is a different story. When he was first in the ICU and the cat scans were done it showed some contusions and bleeding on the brain. That is bad to have, but everyone was really encouraging that if that was the only thing wrong, he would be fine. When the MRI was done they found that on a cellular level his head was not ok. Graham has several areas in his brain that were “sheared”, meaning the cells that make up the connections and wiring were cut in half. This usually happens as a result of a bad fall, not right when the fall happens; it’s like an after affect. They have used the words “TBI” (traumatic brain injury), “very bad”, “mild-moderate brain damage” and things of that nature. They don’t know what will happen, and have told me that even with months of therapy, he may not pull through this. I am convinced that they are wrong in this! I rejoice that the Lord has the ultimate call in this, and can still trump these doctors.

2) Is Graham still in a coma?

When first admitted to the hospital, Graham was put on so many drugs that he was in an “induced coma”. Once they started weaning him off, he did start responding right away by opening his eyes and moving his right hand. Graham is not fully awake though! Imagine, if you can, a deep fog that is over his brain and mind! He is confused, scared, and not really the Graham that we all used to know. When his eyes were first opening up, he was not there, and they were not bright like yours or mine would be. Everyday they are getting more bright and he seems to be more responsive to situations around him. So, to answer this question, I would say yes, but it’s getting better!

Humor of the day:

3) Are you pregnant?

I can safely say that I am most definitely NOT pregnant, and am a little embarrassed that I have to even address this question. Unfortunately, with a story like this, rumors start and people can’t help but wonder. I just have to laugh about it all, and think that if I was, people would feel even worse for me right now! I will be honest with you, Graham and I were definitely wanting more kids, and talking in that direction, but obviously, the Lord knew that right now it would not be good for our family.

Miracle of the day:

I was not with Graham today, but my sister, Bonnie, and my dad were with him. Graham IS making progress everyday! I am so encouraged with the baby steps he is making, although at times, it’s hard to grasp. I can’t believe I have to get excited about him sticking his tongue out on command, or giving thumbs up if he’s in pain. I just miss him so much and know that it will take a very long time for him to get back to me.; he’s a fighter though and I know he’ll fight his hardest for me and those two boys. It will be three weeks today, but I feel like it’s been a lifetime! Please keep praying for me and the boys. Thank you again for all the love, cards and support!

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