Update on Us 8-18-10

18 Aug

I am sitting outside at the Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital with Graham while Rick plays his guitar and sings to him. When we got here today Graham was sitting outside the nurse’s station just hanging out, sitting up in a wheelchair. I got to meet some of his therapists, and he had a busy day of sessions and evaluations. He is breathing completely on his own, but still has the trache in which they will be weaning him off of soon. He is wearing a back and neck brace all the time now, because of the back break. I also found out today that his collarbone was broken. I just can’t believe how hard he really DID fall!
I want to let those of you know who are thinking of visiting Graham that I would like to keep it to just family and friends for a time. It is very difficult seeing Graham in the state that he is in, and I know him, and he would not want you to see him like this right now. This once independent, tough and do-it-all guy can now not do anything for himself. I’m sure you can imagine how hard that would be if you were in my shoes to see.
One thing you can do for us, if you are able, is to come tomorrow night at 5:30 at the Schroon Lake Gazebo near the beach for a prayer time for Graham. It would mean so much to us if you came to show your support as a community and pray with us for Graham’s healing. Rick and Sarah will be leading some of the worship in song, which I know will be special.
I am about cried out these days. The Lord continues to manage my day and pull me through each difficult moment that I have; and there are many! I am thankful for my kids, although it’s hard too at the same time. Putting Wyatt to bed at night is one of the most difficult parts for me. Graham would always get Wyatt ready for bed by putting his jammies on, brushing his teeth, and praying with him. There were usually lots of giggles and wrestling matches in between the routine, but Wyatt would always manage to make it into bed. I miss that once simple part of my day!
I cannot get over all the cards that I am getting each day from you all. Thank you for the love and encouragement that you are showing me! I am treasuring each little thing that I receive. I am amazed how this is affecting people around the world and the stories that I am hearing ARE helping me see the bigger picture.
Miracle of the day: I am just so thrilled that Graham is here and out of the ICU. It just sounds better doesn’t it? There were days that I thought we wouldn’t ever leave that room, so being here is just so encouraging and it’s so of the Lord with how fast it happened!
Humor of the day: Graham is now required to wear some of his clothes from home; shoes included! The only thing is that he also has to wear these really sexy, white stockings on his legs. It’s for blood clots and circulation. Good thing he has nice legs! Rick asked the nurse for some for himself, so look out fashion world! The Stumps tend to be trend setters!

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