8-16-10 Update on Us

16 Aug

I cut all my hair off!! Well, not all of it, but most of it. Those who know me, know that I have always had long hair, but with long hair comes more work, and I don’t need more work right now. Graham likes long hair, but quite frankly, he can’t talk right now anyway, and I’ll grow it back out if that’s what he wants. It is easier to take care of, and with me traveling so much and staying in all sorts of places, having it short is just one less thing to think about!

I am so challenged today as I sit by his side to watch and wait. As I have said before my faith has never been more tried and tested than it has in these dark days. And although my faith has been made stronger as of late, I can’t help but feel the Lord asking more of me. I have struggled from the beginning of all of this as to whether or not the Lord can or will really heal him…I mean really heal him! I admit that there are times that my heart sores and I truly feel like He is going to heal him completely. Those are great times! There are other times though when, a nurse says something negative, or worse yet, a doctor delivers more bad news to me, that I can’t help but feel my faith and trust in the Lord waiver and sometimes fail completely. I know these are all normal human feelings and I also know that the Lord will not hold this against me. I can’t help but feel the Lord pressing on my heart though to profess with my mouth and proclaim with my lips that the Lord can and will heal him. Now that takes faith in my small finite mind!

I’ve been reading and pouring over my Bible and most of what I am finding is that the Lord blesses those who proclaim with their mouths that which they do not know or see. Take just about every story in the Bible! Noah, David and Goliath, Mary and Joseph and I could go on. Of course I’ve known and been taught these stories my whole life, but now they mean so much more to me. The idea that Abraham completely put his faith and trust in the Lord before any of the blessings were given to him is HUGE! I believe the Lord honored that about Abraham and couldn’t help but bless him for his willing heart to not just believe, but his mouth to profess it as well.

I am not saying that I have arrived in any way in my walk with Christ. Quite on the contrary! It’s all part of sanctification for me. The Lord will heal Graham because He loves us, and because I’m professing it with my mouth, it helps my faith even more. Please help me profess this statement as well, so that at the end of this all of our faith will be made stronger!

My miracle of the day: I did not get to see Graham yesterday, but am here today with him, and he looks good! His color is back and better yet, he is just more active and spunky! He is really trying to pull his trache out and the big one for me today is that he moved his legs! His right side is definitely stronger and more deliberate, but I saw them both move! His eyes look brighter, and he seems like he is more awake! We are in the process of getting him into rehab which will hopefully happen in the next couple of days. As you can see, more than one miracle for my day! I am encouraged!

Humor of the day: Graham is listening to our IPod and I just think it’s funny that he has to listen to whatever I put on, and well….if he doesn’t like it too bad! I try to be nice and put on what he likes, but part of me is tempted to put on a little Beyonce….or Janet Jackson….we’ll see!

Prayer for us!! Keep storming with me!

2 Responses to “8-16-10 Update on Us”

  1. Ruthie Peterson August 17, 2010 at 3:37 pm #

    Randi – we are continuing in our prayers for Graham and you and your children and family many times throughout the day and night. Your updates are amazing and it gives us all insight on how to specifically pray and also to be able to be thankful for the things you are thankful for. Praying.
    Ruthie Peterson

  2. Danna Place August 17, 2010 at 5:32 pm #

    Dear Randi, I’m not sure if you remember us but Vincent and I live in Westport and WOL gets hay from us. I wanted to let you know we are praying for you. We are part of Westport Bible Church and get the prayer list emailed to us. We also have been following your updates. My husband also had a trajic accident seven years ago and GOD saw us through but it was rough for awhile. I wanted to encourage you to hang in there and remember when you are weak HE IS STRONG!I also want to thankyou for the reminder to all of us to love completely each day. I’ve had much loss in my own life and I can honestly say it taught me just that. Well I just wanted to let you know alot more people are lifting you guys up than you know!!!! No need to feel obligated to reply. You have your hands full right now. Well I’ve got to go. Sincerely, Danna Place p.s. our 27th anniversary was august 9th too! I married on that particular day as it was my Mom’s Birthday. She passed away when I was 15 unexpectedly and it was my way of honoring her. 17 years later my 4th child was born on that day! GOD IS GOOD! Take care Randi

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