8-14-10 Update on Graham

14 Aug

I have come to dread nighttime! What used to be just another part of our routine and quality time together has become a very lonely and quiet place for me. I find myself quickly getting ready for bed so that I can fall asleep as fast as possible and not have to think about all the hurt. Don’t think less of me, but a friend who went through a similar situation with his wife advised me to take Tylenol PM. I am not usually one to do that sort of thing, but it does help me sleep better through the night. Even with all my efforts at sleep, my last thoughts of the night are always of Graham and more honestly, “Will he ever crawl back into bed with me?”

Graham is one of the most active and athletic people I know. You can’t tell him he can’t do something, because he’ll just prove you wrong and probably do it better than you the first time. I hate competing against him and the ONLY thing that I AM better at than him is playing the piano and reading. When we were dating and first married it was cute and funny that he was better than me at everything. Now it just drives me crazy and I’ve had to accept the fact that he is just one talented guy! Watching him lying in bed unable to do anything on his own, is just devastating to see. The thought of having to watch him struggle and suffer through the simple tasks of life are going to be very hard for me to watch. He should be showing his boys how to throw a ball, not the other way around!

I want to encourage you all today who are following our story to not take your loved ones for granted. I’m sure that when you first heard of Graham and me and the accident, you couldn’t help but think “I am not going to take my loved ones for granted anymore!” Do more than that though! Show them everyday. Date your spouse! Flirt with them and laugh a lot! I can safely say that Graham and I have a very healthy marriage. We love each other very much and have loved being married. We would both tell you that there is no one we would rather be with than each other. We are so consumed with each other, that we have often been told we are “anti-social” and that we need to work on being more friendly! We have loved more in the last 7 years together than most couples do in a lifetime of marriage. I am blessed to have had at least that long with him!

My miracle of the day: They have had Graham’s vent turned basically off so that he is doing all his breathing today. It is fast, but he IS doing it. They are telling me that it’s normal for head injury patients to breathe very fast, and they are hopeful that he’ll get there.

He is still fighting A LOT of fluid in his chest and MRSA, but he has a young set of lungs on him and he’ll get there with that!

I don’t have any humor to share today. It’s a quiet day in the ICU, and as I sit and write this, Graham is listening to a sermon on our IPOD. My earnest prayer is for my husband to come back to me soon! Please join me in that prayer, I miss him so much!

There is a new website for Graham called www.prayforgraham.com. It was set up by his brother and a friend named George. Thanks guys for doing that for us! Please check it out.

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