Update on us 8/12/10

12 Aug

We ARE loved and the Lord is doing an amazing work through so many people! You’re crazy if you don’t see it and believe! I stand amazed at how many people are following our story, praying for us, loving us, and physically helping us during this roller coaster of a ride! I can’t tell you how much I am drawing strength from all of your encouragement and prayers. I would not be able to get through this without you all. From people making meals, watching kids, cleaning my house, my sister’s house, tending my garden, mowing our lawn, giving money, picking up groceries and so much more; it’s just overwhelming how everyone has just “stepped up to the plate”. The Lord IS moving here and my hope and prayer is for everyone to be changed because of this!

My best friend Karrie Sachleben flew in from Missouri to be with me for a few days. It has been great to spend time with her, and even though there are times that not much is said, it is so comforting to have her here physically walking beside me during this trying time.

Graham is still fast asleep, unaware of all that is going on around him and all the lives that have been changed because of this. I’ll be honest, it does kind of stink that it’s at my expense, but part of me feels honored that the Lord is using us in this mighty way.

Today I was told that he has an infection in his blood called MRSA, it’s actually very common in athletes and they think he got it from aspirating into his lungs when he fell. Not just a normal antibiotic will work on it, so they are aggressively treating him with a stronger antibiotic. I had to put a gown on to see him as well as gloves. It is very sad!

Graham looks thinner these days, and I’ve tried to tell the nurses to give him as much food as possible because this guy LOVES to eat! Yesterday they moved him into a chair and I was there while they did it. It was very hard for me to watch my husband like that, and do not expect to watch that procedure again.

My miracle for today:
They are starting to wean him off of the ventilator and he IS doing ok with it. He is not completely off of it yet, but his nurse was happy with his progress for it only being day one of this weaning period.

Some humor (b/c let’s be honest, we all need it sometimes!):
There are some really cute nurses that work on the ICU floor, and let’s face it ladies, Graham is a good looking guy. I’ve been teasing him that every time I go in to see him it seems that the sheet covering him gets smaller and smaller! In fact, the sheet has turned into a towel and the towel has turned into a small towel. A few days ago some male nurses were working on him and since then he has had a gown on and been more clothed. I’m sure I’m reading into this, but I did think it was rather funny.

PLEASE continue to pray! This is such a hard time for me and my family right now. I still don’t know if he is going to pull through this, and I have to constantly put my hope and faith in the All-Knowing, All-Powerful God! Every time I read scripture or listen to some of the same songs that Graham used to play for worship I can’t help but have a whole different outlook on it. My eyes HAVE been opened to so much and the Lord IS using me, even if it’s small! I want to suffer well, and hope that I am doing just that.

Rick and a friend named George are setting up a web page for Graham and as soon as it’s up and running we’ll get you all hooked up with it.

One Response to “Update on us 8/12/10”

  1. HannahDidier August 13, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

    I grew up with Josh Brown and saw your story when Katie Brown posted prayer request. I reposted on my FB and my friends and I are praying for God’s hand to move and heal your husband. There was a story of a nephew of one of our pastors that had a brain tumor, put on vent, to wein off at 2am to die, weined off he lived, he is still recovering, but smart, knows what’s going on, went on vacation with his family this summer, and doing well

    BY HIS stripes we are healed. I am beleiving for total healing for your husband. The bible says that no weapon formed against us willprosper…your story is touching many lives. Praying for you

    sister in christ-Hannah

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