Update on us: 8/11/10

11 Aug

I would like to continue posting something everyday, even if it is small b/c there are SO many people following our story and more importantly praying for us during this difficult time. From now on I’m going to call it an “update on us”, b/c this is not just about Graham’s progress, and this is not just a story about him. Rather this is our story and this is about us!

Many of you who are following what I am writing have no idea who I am and even who Graham is. Many of you I will not be able to give you the hug I would like until we are in eternity together. I am sure many of you have thought the same things that I’m thinking when I hear of tragedies that people go through….”how do they do it?”….”how would I react in that situation if I were her?”, “Would my faith really get me through this?” I obviously can’t answer those questions for you, but I can answer them for myself. So often, we imagine ourselves in other people’s shoes and how we would do if we were in them.

Believe me when I say that this has to be one of the worse things someone could go through. This is horrible to say, and I hope you appreciate my honesty here, but sometimes I think it may be easier to deal with if the Lord had just taken him instantly. This waiting and not knowing is the worse feeling. Seeing your husband lying right there, and looking like he’s just sleeping is overwhelming. I just want to shake him awake and tell him to come home with me and play with Wyatt outside. I have to hold on to hope, and believe me I am even though it’s difficult at times.

Reality has definitely set in for me. I’m not waiting anymore for myself to wake up and this whole thing to be over and to have just been a really bad dream. This is very real and I am right in the middle of it.

About 2 years ago, Graham was outside cutting a tree down one Sunday afternoon when he clearly heard the Lord talking to him and telling him that the Lord wanted him to be involved in some kind of ministry for Him. Graham did not tell me about this right away, but rather waited about 6 months before he told me of this conversation he had with the Lord. It seems silly now, but when he told me, I was NOT for it at all. I was happy and comfortable right where we were and did not want to uproot our family. For some reason I felt that being called into ministry meant you had to give up everything and move half way around the world. When this accident happened we had been going through some really deep discussions on what the Lord had for us and our family. I admit that I was still not in a place to completely surrender to the Lord’s will, but know this! I AM NOW!!

When Graham wakes up and is “back to normal”, you all better look out because it’s going to be HUGE what the Lord has for us!

My miracle for the Day: Graham squeezed the therapist’s hand on command!

Thank you for your prayers, we STILL need them everyday. His brain injury is “very bad”.

Some have been asking where to send cards to, here’s my address:

37 Peaked Hill Way
Schroon Lake, NY 12870

One Response to “Update on us: 8/11/10”

  1. CArol Lafontaine August 16, 2010 at 6:25 pm #

    Many of my email contacts are praying for you and Graham, Randi. Of course we have no idea what is to come of this tragic event in your lives, but we know , as you do, that God will use it for good. Maybe this is all about someone else! I pray you will continue to go in His strength and feel His everlasting arms about you.
    May He bless you daily as He leads you through these waters which He has promised shall not overflow you.
    Carol in Canada

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