Update on Graham 8/10/10

10 Aug

Things with Graham are much the same. I have asked the Lord to provide me with a small miracle each day (not that miracles are small), to help me get through my day. He IS answering my prayers.

1) He is opening his eyes more and he DOES recognize my voice

2) He continues to move his arms and hands

3) His breathing is better and he is doing more of it on his own.

He LOVES listening to music and has been listening to it most of the day today.

I desperately still need your prayers. There are times that I feel so overwhelmed with fear, anger, and loneliness. I can’t handle tackling more than one day and often times can only handle a minute at a time.

I miss my children and I miss my husband so much.

Pray for his parents as they travel home tomorrow and for Matt and Abby as they leave in 2 days.

This is going to be a long road and although I shared with you that I can only handle one minute at a time there is one thing that I just really need prayer for. I do not want to have to make the decision whether or not to continue Graham’s life and I just hope that the Lord makes things VERY clear to me by either taking him, or healing him!

Thanks for your continued prayers and love, they mean SO much to me!

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