Update on Graham 8/9/10

9 Aug

7 years ago today I married my best friend, my soulmate and the father of my children. Today I am walking through the valley of the shadow of death and I am not going to deny that I am scared, sad, lonely and just plain mad at times. My faith is being tested more than it ever has and I’m not sure how to take on the next hour let alone the next day right now.

Here’s what I want to share today, b/c quite honestly I would not be doing Graham justice right now if I didn’t. If you are reading this and do NOT know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior you NEED to! Don’t tell me that “it sounds good for you, but no thanks”…or “I don’t need God”, b/c you do, and I am LIVING proof that you need Jesus and you need Him to come into your life and to save you from your sins and eternal separation from Him. Whatever happens to Graham in the weeks and months ahead, I know without a doubt that he will spend eternity with his loving heavenly Father who died for him and saved him and who loves him very much!

I have to believe that God will rescue Graham and heal his brain. I keep picturing the angels working diligently re-wiring his brain back together so that he’ll come back to me. But understand this!! IF God calls Graham home, that WAS his will for his life. Although it’s so difficult and I don’t know how I’ll get through it, I have to believe that the Lord is holding Graham right and now and he is right where he is suppose to be.

Understand this too! I am struggling! I need your prayers. My heart literally feels like it’s been wrenched from my chest and I feel sick to my stomach at all hours of the day.

Graham is an amazing man of God and he would want me to tell you about his God, so here I am telling you boldly! Anyone who knows Graham knows that there is something special about him and that he is truly a man of God. I don’t know why the Lord would do this to someone like Graham who only wants to please his Father, but he has. The reason that Graham is so special is b/c of his personal relationship with the Lord.

One of Graham’s favorite things to do is to study the Bible and he knows it well too, being able to quote many verses from memory and applying them to his life. My prayer for you is that you will know his God like Graham does, and that your life will be changed b/c of his testimony through this horrible ordeal!

Graham is getting a trache today. This is a more permanent breathing solution, and he is also getting a stomach tube. He did open his eyes for me today and I was able to wish him a happy anniversary. Please pray that the Lord will re-wire his brain back together so that the Lord alone will get the glory in this. The doctors will NOT be getting any of the credit here b/c they have given me no hope. I also listened to some music with him…one of Graham’s favorite songs by Bebo Norman, called “Borrow Mine”…a song about faith and how when it’s weak you can borrow mine. I am going to need to borrow faith from all of you..b/c I am weak at times! Thank you!

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