Update on Graham 8/7/10

7 Aug

Graham is still not completely awake, and is just taking his good ‘ol time waking up! The great thing that happened today was that he moved his legs! He was given an MRI and during it he became so feisty that they had to sedate him! He moved his one leg up pretty high at one point. This is an incredible answer to prayer! His nurse was with him for the duration of the MRI and was just so excited that he did that. We will know the results of the MRI on Monday so we should know a lot more by than. Some specific prayer requests:

1) They are going to have to put a tracheaudemy (not sure how to spell that one :0) in him in the next couple of days so that there is no infections and so that his vocal chords do not get damaged. So, just that it will go fine and that he will still be able to breathe on his own when this is all said and done.

2) Some of Graham’s family are traveling home tomorrow…so just for safe travels and for comfort for them as they are home with their own families now.

3) Just for Graham to continue to gain strength and to wake up when he and the Lord are ready!

4) For my family who are basically doing everything for me right now and so badly want to do what pleases me no matter how it upsets their schedules and routine. I love them so much and am so thankful for them.

5) We are on a long road here. I was spoken to yesterday about Graham needing lots of physical therapy and just time to re-teach certain things etc. So, we will needs LOTS of prayer for the difficult road ahead with all that that entails.
Some praises:

1) For the progress that Graham IS making! It’s baby steps, and I often feel like we take 2 forward to only take 1 back, but it IS progress and it could be so much worse. I have so much to be thankful for during this time

2) Just for the continued prayers from everyone, the love and support during this time. I am holding onto many of the verses that you are all posting on here and the encouraging stories that many of you have told me of similar stories of loved ones that went through something like this is just so uplifting.

3) Being able to spend time with my kids alone today was so refreshing and very much needed!

Thanks to all for all that you are doing, even if it’s “just praying”…..it’s not “just praying” to me…it’s everything to me and my family right now. I so appreciate the prayer warriors out there who continue to storm heaven for me and Graham. I know the Lord is going to heal Graham and I can’t wait to see how the Lord will use him after this is all over; and me too of course :0)

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