Update on Graham 8/5/10

5 Aug

I wish that I had some new news for everyone (esp for myself right now), but he is much the same today. They decided NOT to wake him up yesterday b/c he was still “too agitated”. He is fighting a fever, and fluid in his lungs, so I think they just wanted to give him one more day of “rest”.

My hope and prayer is that they wake him up when he IS ready and that he would be ready soon.

Some specific Prayer requests:

1) It’s Gary and Kathy’s 21st anniversary today and I know they would love nothing more than to have their son wake from this slumber to see them.

2) Now that I am a parent my self, I can’t stand seeing my children get hurt when they bump their head, or fall down. I can’t imagine what my own parents are going through for their hurting daughter right now. I know my dad just wants to make everything better for me, but he is as helpless as everyone else right now. So, I want to pray for them today to be strong and faithful, and to not hurt too much for me right now. And of course for Graham’s family too, seeing your young, strong son lying in a hospital bed with just about every tube imaginable in him I KNOW is hard

3) Continued prayer for my kids! Bonnie and Dan have moved into our home now and are watching the kids. I have heard that they are being good for them, but am not sure if they are just telling me that so I don’t have to worry about something else :0)

4) Obviously for Graham, but specifically, that his fever will completely leave his body, that he will breathe on his own, and just that waking up will not be too difficult and painful for him!

5) That I will be able to make difficult decisions without worrying about others feelings right now.

Some Praises (b/c there is so MUCH to be thankful in these times)

1) Graham’s personal horse was the one that was in the accident with him and he has had this horse since he was 6 mons old. The horse is fine from the accident with no problems. This is a very special horse to both of us. Graham trained this horse himself and has done such an amazing job with him. I am just SO thankful that he is ok. That may be a silly praise, but this horse is like family to us.

2) I am thankful for Megan and Austin Abbott, Sarah Pingree, Toni Simmons and Tony Waltz and all the others who are helping run my job right now ON TOP of still doing their own! I have not worried for one minute that things aren’t getting taken care of b/c I know they are all doing a great job.

3) For my sisters who have been just amazing with me and my kids during this difficult time.

4) For Matt who has been here with me from the beginning and for also being another “dad” figure to the boys right now. It has brought us all so much closer together!

As you can see there IS much to be thankful for right now for me. I hope this has encouraged you, b/c you are all encouraging me so much right now. PLEASE continue to pray for me and Graham. Pray just as much as you did when this all happened! Thank you!

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