Update on Graham: 8/4/10

4 Aug

Today could be the day that my husband wakes up from this whole horrible ordeal. He is in a drug in-duced coma, but is giving some really good signs, so they are going to start weaning him off of them today. They have prepared me that he may not wake up right away, that he may not remember me (or anyone else for a time), and also on a funny note, may say and do things that are just not Graham. He is a strong guy, so I hope that they are prepared to strap him down, or some of the nurses may get injured!

Some prayer requests for today:

1) He does have some fluid in his chest, and could turn worse if not treated. They don’t seem to be that concerned about it, but it’s another hurdle to overcome.

2) Just that he WILL wake up and be on the road to a complete recovery very soon.

3) My family who has been so amazing with meeting all my needs. They are hurting too, yet are putting their lives aside to comfort and be there for me and Graham.

4) My kids who are in the best care possible, but I miss them

5) Continued strength for me. Like I have said, this is all for the glory of the Lord, and I am amazed and blessed through this time. There are still lonely times, and just plain hard times for me right now. I miss my husband and seeing him like this can be an emotional roller coaster ride….and I hate roller coasters! I have so appreciated the notes, encouragement, verses and prayers, you have no idea what they mean to me. If you know my family you know that we have some really funny people in it, and it’s been nice to laugh hard too. One joke that has been going around is that when Graham wakes up he’ll still be the same person and all that, but now will really love to paint, and draw and bake cookies. (If you know him just a little, you know that he is not that type of guy). Instead of fly-fishing now, he may just want to sit on the river bank and paint in a bath robe. :0)

6) I so badly want to believe some of the good news that is coming about Graham, but it’s hard to let myself go there when this hurts so bad, and I find myself being very cautious and guarded. I don’t want to be like that. I want to fully believe that he will walk out of here and come home with me to help me raise our kids. So pray for my faith to continue to grow and for me to trust the Lord completely during this time. My life has been completely changed already in these long days, but I also know the Lord has more to do on me and I want to “struggle well”, as someone told me!

Thanks to everyone, I hope you find this helpful and will continue to pray for us. We are in this for the long haul!

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