8/3/10: Update on Graham

3 Aug

He is in day 4 of this and I have to focus on the positive things that are happening. I want to share with everyone some specific things to be praying for b/c honestly it is the MOST important thing you all can be doing for him and my family right now. Please pray for:
1) The ICP (inter-cranial pressure) #’s to stay low (a high # is 20 and with medication he stays anywhere from 5-18. When he gets stimulated they shoot up to anywhere from 18-35. And just for the swelling/bleeding to go down or stop. The bruise on his head is only 1cm in diameter, but not sure how much bleeding is occurring.

2) He is on oxygen, so when they start weaning him off of drugs etc I’d really LOVE for him to be able to breathe on his own. He was breathing after this all happened on his own, and they never had to do CPR, but they just don’t know what he will do when they take it out.

3) He is NOT moving his legs very much. When he does move them we’re not sure if it’s out of reflex yet or if he’s trying to move them.

4) For wisdom for the drs and nurses, they have been great! He is getting the best care possible!!

5) For my children and family right now!! My sister and her husband (Bonnie and Dan) are going to move into our home to help take care of the kids while we are away. They need structure, love and consistency. They also need a “dad” around them and Dan will do a great job with this. All the major decisions for my kids are being made by Bonnie, Renee and my mom, so just for strength for them and wisdom. They will need help with food etc so just call Bonnie if you want to help!

6) For me that I will stay the course in this and be able to make difficult decisions (if needed) with wisdom and clarity of mind. I am home for today to be with my boys and it has been refreshing to see them. I thought it would be so hard, but staying busy right now is the best thing for me. I have a HUGE support system and that has been so helpful, but there are still lonely times and this is going to be a LONG road for our family. Graham is one stubborn guy though, and I have faith that he will pull through this! At times my faith is ALL I have!

Some praises:

1) He is doing some really good things with moving his hands and fingers to pain that they put on him

2) According to the Drs and nurses and his type of injury, he is doing everything “normal” and “by the book” for this type of thing. The Drs were very encouraging yesterday and are pretty sure he WILL wake up, it’s just the extent of the damage done after he wakes up that is kind of scary! But I am praising the Lord! Right now I will take him HOWEVER he comes back to me!

3) Just seeing everyone praying and coming together has been so great. I cannot begin to describe how horrible this has been BUT…the Lord has given me so much to praise Him about, and my life and my families lives have all been changed b/c of this. My prayer is that yours will be too. I have told many people that there is a reason for this and one of those reasons I believe is for the Lord to work on all of us. I don’t think that Graham was the one needing the work! Please know that he would want (and me too) for the Lord to get all the glory in this, and Graham is such a man of God that I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do with this! Love to you all and thanks for praying. I will keep you all posted to as much as I can!!

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